Hire Salesperson

No CEO Ever Fired Them-self For Missing Quota

Who’s your chief revenue officer… who is in charge of sales for your company. Have you hired a salesperson? If you’re a CEO and your in charge of your sales revenue than you’re like a defendant who defends himself in court. The lawyer that defends them self in court has a fool for a client and CEO who is their own salesperson has a fool for a boss.

You want a salesperson to wake up everyday knowing they have a target on their back. You want a salesperson to shower every morning saying to them-self, “I better sell something today or I’m on the street.” You want to hire a dedicated salesperson.

When CEOs wakes up they have multiple targets on their backs… the Tom is suing me for wrongful dismissal target, the my customer is refusing to make their final payment target, the we need to get a bigger office target.

No CEO ever fired them-self for not making quota.

So as soon as you can invest in a salesperson… hire one. Hire a salesperson.

And if you’ve never hired a salesperson, if you’ve never managed a salesforce make sure you assign them clearly defined goals, objectives and due dates. If you’ve never monitored a salesperson, make sure you have a process in place to monitor, mentor and evaluate success.

Make sure you have a group of CEO’s around you who’ve done this before. A group of people who can advise you on a regular basis. That’s one of the purposes we have in our Forward ThinkTank peer advisory groups.  Want to know what it feels like to have that kind of support? Want to know what it feels like to hire, management and build a successful sales engine?

If you’re running a company and you’d like to know what it’s liked to work with a group of peers committed to improving the performance or each participant’s company. Schedule a complementary one on one coaching session by linking here and we’ll talk about it.