My Pillow Sucks! Mike Lindell Sucks Corey Stewart Sucks!

Attention thinking humans… My Pillow Sucks… no, not my pillow but the company My Pillow.  While my pillow, the one I sleep on is just fine the company called My Pillow sucks, the product My Pillow sucks and the CEO of My Pillow sucks.

The other day, I was invited to a racist soiree to raise money for a bigoted neanderthal, Corey Stewart. Mister Stewart is a douchenozzle running for the United States Senate in Virginia. Here are the excerpts from the invite:

Glen —

You’re invited to a reception hosted by Mike Lindell, Inventor, and CEO of My Pillow, in Northern Virginia next Monday night, October 29th, at 7:00 PM.

Please come out to support our campaign to defeat Tim Kaine.

So many things wrong with this on so many levels. Let’s look at the candidate Corey Stewart first.

Corey Stewart Sucks Sewer Water Infused Pond Scum

  1. Stewart and Neo-Nazis – Stewart publically stated his admiration for Paul Nehlen, an outspoken anti-Semite or as Wikipedia describes him an Alt-Right Ne0-Nazi (read more about the vile Paul Nehlen here). Stewart called Nehlen “one of my personal heroes” and said he was “so honored” to have Mr. Nehlen’s endorsement. Lovely!
  2. Stewart and the Alt-Right – When an alt-right racist drove his car into a crowd, killing a young woman, Corey Stewart said, “half the violence” was the fault of the counterprotesters, including “far-left nut cases.” He agreed with Trump that there were “good people on both sides.”
  3. Defender of Charlottesville Thugs – Remember that little thing that happened in Charlottesville where some of the good people on both sides of the issue were yelling things like, “Jews will not replace us?” The white supremacist organizer of that rally, Jason Kessler, endorsed Stewart. Kessler. According to the New York Times, In February 2017, Mr. Stewart appeared with Mr. Kessler at an event sponsored by Mr. Kessler’s group Unity and Security for America, whose mission statement called for “defending Western civilization, including its history, culture, and peoples, while utterly dismantling cultural Marxism.”
  4. Self-Hating Yankee – He’s a fucking idiot as evidenced by this tweet where a Corey Stewart, a native Southerner from the southern state of Minnesota tweeted,

    (Nothing could be worse, except for a self-loathing Yankee Carpet Bagger pretending to be a southerner… or maybe an asshole who just hates people based on the color of their skin, country of origin, or religion… that might be a little worse. Probably there are other things that are worse like genocide, famine, or dickheads running for office. Corey Stewart is worse. My Pillow is Worse. Mike Lindell is worse.)

  5. Wallflower – He has a record of being anti-immigrant and supports wasting your tax dollars to building Trump’s moronic, non-Mexico-funded wall.
  6. Affordable Care Act (ACA) – He wants to abolish the ACA effectively canceling the health insurance of  20 million American as well as eliminate any pre-existing conditions protection.
  7. He Flunked Science Class – Corey Stewart believes that man-made climate change is a hoax.
  8. Face Reality – Let’s face it, he’s just an asshole.

My Pillow sucks because the company’s CEO, Mike Lindell Sucks. Mike Lindell sucks because he supports Corey Stewart… Mike Lindell sucks because he supports Donald Trump. But another reason that Mike Lindel sucks is that he’s a liar, built a shitty company, and the company’s product sucks.

Yes the product, My Pillow sucks! If you own a TV you can’t miss the narcissistic, poorly produced, low rent TV commercials featuring a seemingly sweet grandfatherly looking skunk named Mike Lindell. Lindell makes specious claims about his product in these ads that don’t stand up to scrutiny.

My Pillow Sucks

  1. Consumer Reports reports – The company makes some bold claims for what it calls the “most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own,” including an “exact custom fit.” Explains Lindell, “You can adjust the My Pillow to make it fit you. The foam pieces interlock and hold that position without going flat, so you get support where you need it.” That results in “deeper, longer REM sleep,” according to the pillow’s packaging. Bullshit! Consumer Report Testers described My Pillow as “kind of lumpy, but comfortable” 50 percent of Consumer Report Staffers who independently purchased the pillow said it was helpful (I call that confirmation bias) 33 percent said it was okay. 17 percent said it sucked.
  2. False Special Deal -The company lies about offering a limited time deal that is not limited, it’s the retail price. Such a deal.
  3. Amazon Rating – It doesn’t even appear in the top 50 when searching “Sleeping Pillows” on sorted by customer rating.
  4. Check out Snuggle-pedic – There are many better pillows so F&%k Paul Lindell, Corey Stewart, and My Pillow. Paul Lindell sucks as does his pillow and his politics.  My-Pillow is rated 3.5 stars on Amazon, there are pillows on Amazon with 5 star ratings. Snuggle-pedic, has a 4.5 Amazon rating, a better warranty, and just a better product. My pillow isn’t my pillow because My Pillow and Paul Lindell sucks. so my pillow is a Snuggle-pedic and yours should be too! Don’t buy a shitty My Pillow from a shitty Nazi-loving scumbag like Mike Lindell… after all, everyone knows, Mike Lindell sucks! Why buy a shitty pillow from a scummy sleazebag like Mike Lindell who supports a racist thuggish neanderthal like Corey Stewart and sells an over-priced inferior product. Buy the Snuggle-Pedic by linking here.

Some reasons to not buy a product from Mike Lindell!

Mike Lindell Sucks

  • Fake Expert – He Brands Himself as a “Sleep Expert.” he’s an expert at being asleep at the wheel! His sleep training is the same as yours and mine. He sleeps.
  • Even His Wife Hates Him – The old bastard, Mike Lindell married a young My Pillow company executive, Dallas Yokum and within 39 days of marriage, they filed for divorce. I guess he didn’t like when the newlywed, Mrs. Lindell said to Mike, “I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring. We don’t have anything in common and you’ve ruined the last two years of my life.” (See Article)
  • Breaking and Entering Arrest – On January 18th, 2018 he was charged by police for breaking and entering into a home. (See Article)
  • He Admits He Is Not Credible – He willfully gave away any credibility he ever had by handing it to the most dishonest person to ever hold public office in this country! “President” Donald J. Trump. In other words, Lindell admits he has no credibility.

  • He Loves Haters – He supports bigots, liars, racists
  • CEO of F rated BBB Company – The Better Business Bureau rates the company he runs as an F (see article).
  • Multiple Cases of Employee Abuse – He’s an abusive boss (see article).
  • Poor Employee Rating on Glassdoor – Based on the Glassdoor reviews of his company he’s a shitty leader! Horrible Glassdoor reviews! The company has multipel 1-star reviews… because you can’t give a company zero stars.

Review #1
Doesn’t Recommend

Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at My Pillow part-time (More than a year)
Pros: Work from home. Around the holidays you can make decent money, as at home sales rep are paid only commission.
Cons: Upper management is very unprofessional, their emails are filled with spelling and grammar errors and I frequently got emails that contradicted emails send just before. When I emailed for clarification of the opposing directions, no one got back to me. Ever. Even with repeated phone calls and emails. The last few months, business slowed down to almost nothing for me, every time I logged on there were zero calls. I called and emailed asking if there was a glitch in the system that calls weren’t being routed to me, or if it was just very slow. Never got a reply. Then I was sent a form email letting me go because of inactivity! I was on almost every day! There were no calls! Very frustrating. Also it seemed that My Pillow is very shady on the way they want you to handle customers and what they want you to say about certain topics, for a company that is supposed to be Christian it seems weird to send emails saying to be deceptive to customers.

Review #2
“Good product, terrible company”

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee
Doesn’t Recommend
I worked at My Pillow full-time (More than a year)
Pros: Good pay and guaranteed hours.
Cons: Management favors family, no drug testing so workers are sketchy and untrustworthy.

“Good team but horrible upper management”
Former Employee – Sales Associate
Doesn’t Recommend
Neutral Outlook
No opinion of CEO
I worked at My Pillow part-time (More than a year)

Pros: Pay was good, Down time to work on homework, Had a amazing store manager

Cons: No communication with upper management. We ran into constant problems and they were never addressed and was ignored by upper management. Upper management only feels there is only one way to sell their product and won’t accept your sale techniques. Upper management focus more on little drama than real problems. When talking to upper management you feel like you are talking to a 5 year old. The upper management always act like they have no idea what they are doing. Positions are made up for people in upper management that have no real purpose.
Upper management treats their employees like crap.

Advice to Management: Listen to your employees because they are the ones that truly see if your techniques work in the store. Communicate to the stores and address their problems. Don’t just act like you care about a problem when you are there but ignore our phone calls after you leave so you don’t have to address the problem. And don’t walk in a store and treat all the employees like they are crap.

Review #3
“sales associate”

Former Employee – Sales Associate in Burnsville, MN
Neutral Outlook
I worked at My Pillow part-time (Less than a year)

Pros: Love the product believe in the product it works and it’s worth every penny it costs and the results speak for themselves plus it is the last pillow you will ever need
Cons: Upper management, executiver retail manager, consistently violated labor laws and privacy laws and makes it difficult to keep the job

Advice to Management: Remember that many people have so many varieties of selling techniques that they use and not to assume an employee is not working because they aren’t doing what you would do to sell. Not everything works for everyone

Review #4

Former Employee – Sales in Minneapolis, MN
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
I worked at My Pillow full-time (More than a year)

-PTO and benefits for full time
-Flexible schedule (depending on the manager)
-I had an awesome manager and co-worker
-Relaxed work environment

-Almost everyone that works in the home office is either friends or family of the owner (causes many problems)
-Upper management is quick to pass off the blame to those who are below them
-Upper management is ‘always right’
-Lack of communication everywhere!
-I did receive a pay cut (and I was the top seller a few times throughout the year…)
-No respect, or acknowledgement from upper management unless you do something wrong
-No support from upper management
-Rude customers are the norm
-They are penny pinchers which often led to short staff
-My paycheck, and my co-worker’s paycheck, was often shorted hours and commission
-Empty promises from upper management about promotions
-I worked there for over a year and raises were unheard of
-The company is currently involved in a couple lawsuits which is never good
-Outdated store that they were too cheap to fix and upgrade
-Upper management is quick to write anybody up, even if you were following the company’s policies
-Overall very unorganized and they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to running a good company.. all they want and see is $$$

Advice to Management
-Listen to your employees
-Stop hiring family and friends, it just causes problems
-Don’t treat your employees like crap because they will leave!
-Overall have more respect for your employees, and pay them for what they are worth

So remember My Pillow Sucks! Mike Lindell Sucks! Corey Stewart Sucks! Buy a snuggle-pedic and stay away from my pillow!

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