Mr Cranky’s- This I Believe

In 2013, when my youngest son was a High School senior, he had a homework assignment. Write what you believe…. write an “I Believe,” like the one’s found on It was touching, well written and inspirational. Inspiring me to write my own.

(Mr Cranky is taking a blog break to recharge my cranky batteries for the next three weeks. This post was originally posted in 2013)

In Song:

I agree with Stevie Wonder’s, I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever, providing you is my wife Nancy and forever is the rest of my life.

I also agree with the late Whitney Houston when she sang, I believe that children are our future.

Unlike R Kelly, I don’t believe I can fly
Nor do Mr. Kelly and I agree that, either of us can touch the sky
I do however, believe that with enough drugs a person can be under the dangerous misconception that they can fly.
I believe that that kind of drug use is dangerous for one’s health and safety.

but enough musings, what is it that I believe?

I Believe

I believe in Integrity
I believe that what you do counts 10X over what you say
I believe life is a long-game and cutting corners by abandoning one’s values for short-term gain comes at the expense of long-term success.
I believe in leaving things better than I found them.
I believe I have a responsibility to speak up when I disagree.
I believe that to do otherwise is like not cleaning up after a dog when it “does its business” on the sidewalk.
I believe in fun and laughter.
I believe that the world of Washington DC, entrepreneurship gave to me and it is my duty to pay that forward.
I believe if you are comfortable you are not growing.
I believe if you are not pushing the edges you are not making a difference.
I believe that if you make noise you will offend some.
I believe you are not making a difference if you are loved by all.
I believe that if everyone loves you you are either Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, Buddha, Mother Theresa, or a Twinkie.
I believe if you’re not creating some friction, you’re not adding value.
I believe that I should choose my friends wisely for I am judged by the company I keep.
I believe that leading an impactful life of integrity will lead to as many detractors as supporters
I am as proud of the list of people who call me friend as my detractors.

Finally I believe that I am my father’s son.
He helped form me and make me who I am.
I believe I am a father whose proudest achievement and most cherished job is passing that baton to my sons.

I believe in Cranky Caring.

In what do you believe?

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