Mr Cranky’s Thankful Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Today is a day to give thanks for everything we have. All the things that keep us from being cranky. Mr. Cranky has many things that if his soul wasn’t so flawed, would make him a happy, non-cranky guy. I have a wonderful wife, the best… I’m so proud of my kids who are making their way through life with compassion, hard work, and integrity. On the material side of life, I’m thankful that I have the best guitars anyone could ever have! 

I have great friends, like the friend who apparently “gets me” because she gave me that pencil on the title of this post that says, “Less Dreaming More Ass Kicking.” I thank my lucky stars for my buddies, members of a top-secret group of sources and consigliere in the Facebook Messaging Group currently called Innohaters. And speaking of Innohaters, thank you DCInno for writing so much trash that when I’m experiencing writer’s block, all I have to do is read you, and I have something to make fun of or for you grammar Nazis who don’t want me to end sentences with a preposition, I’ll say, for giving me something of which I can make fun.

I’m thankful that I received an invitation to testify as a witness in the Danny Boice’s ex-wife’s custody case against her ex-husband. I am so happy that I was served a free ticket to watch Danny Boice get his fat tattooed butt kicked in court. If you want a free ticket to the greatest DCTech show this year, stop by the Loudon County Court House at 18 East Market Street, Leesburg Virginia at 10 AM on December 3 – 5, 2018!

I’d like to thank all the subjects of my ire from the criminal, like Matthew Pugsley, to the Cruel like Jen Boice, to the Clownish, like Jonathon Perrelli, to the incompetent like WMATA. And I’d like to thank all my readers who love me and hate me but readme and make me the number 1 independent tech blogger in DC.

I’m thankful for my commenters especially regular commenters, like icdboss, David Sandrowitz, Old Fart, and Skippy.

The old Chinese Proverb says, may you live in interesting times… I’m thankful to be alive in interesting times.

Thank you, loyal readers, and have a great holiday filled with family and love!