Mr Cranky’s Stupid Startups Smarter Than Some I’ve Seen

I’ve seen search engines for party’s, search engines for recipe’s, just plain old search engines that will compete directly against Google. I’m seeing some pretty dumb, inane, world-yawning startup ideas. Thank goodness the election is over because if I had to see 1 more voting engagement political action application I was going to move to Texas in time for them to secede from the union.

So why do I let everyone else have the fun creating and presenting dreck with a straight face. I can do dreck and I’ll prove it.

  1. UberPed – Uber for Pedacaps
  2. – for people who want to date prisoners.
  3. Craig’s Other List – A web site where people post stuff they want to buy
  4. – A Travel Site that finds you the worst deals so you can flaunt your wealth to your cheap Kayak-using friends.
  5. Delance – Elance for outsourcing insourced resources. A way for business owners to monetise their worst in-house web designers, graphic artists, etc, by renting them to ruin other companies instead of ther own without having to fire them and risk wrongful dismissal charges.
  6. ShorterMail – The Twitter inspired email platform that won’t waist your time or fill up your computer. A site for 10 character person to person messaging.
  7. PimpCar – AirBnB meets Zipcar. Rent your own car out.
  8. DEsurance – An auto company that automatically cancels your policy when you register at Pimp Car.
  9. NitTwit – Stumble upon for tweets.
  10. SocialChairs – Social Tables for pre-school musical chair players.