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Mr Cranky’s Forming Peer Advisory Group

Peer Advisory Group In Search Of: Leaders eager to continue to grow, learn and be challenged. Check out a peer advisory group.

And, if you’re the kind of leader who knows who is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier then this group isn’t for you.

If you are the kind of leader who wants to know who is buried in Grant’s Tomb…this group isn’t for you.

If you want to know why President Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb… why he’s buried in New York City, why that location and if you’re often asking why,  challenging conventional wisdom and you want to be challenged in-kind… this is an opportunity for you.

Peer Advisory Group Details:

Why You Should Join a Peer Advisory Group: Leadership is lonely. A business executive is surrounded by people who all have their own personal agendas. Where can executives turn for unadulterated, unbiased advice? Your team members have an agenda, your family has an agenda, your Board has an agenda and there is no safe place for you to be vulnerable or indecisive. So where do you share your deepest fears? Where is your unbiased sounding board to hammer out your organizational plans and strategies?

In my many years as a Turn-Around executive employed by investors to fix broken portfolio companies, I found that isolation is a major cause of business failure.  I decided that I wanted to address that issue and help CEOs have a better chance of being successful.  And, that’s why I went through the arduous training and certification process to become an executive leadership coach.

What Is Forward ThinkTank:  Forward ThinkTank is a professionally-led and facilitated Peer Advisory Group and everything discussed in the group is kept strictly confidential. It is a  group of business owners and executives, meeting regularly to hammer out the strategies and tactics that will ensure the highest probability of success. It is a safe place where everything that takes place in that room stays in that room. I’m talking about a group of no more than 10 business leaders, in non-competing businesses who will hold you accountable to execute, and with whom you can share the un-sharable -a safe space where the only agenda in the room is “I will help you because you can help me”.

Format: Monthly Meetings of 6 – 12 business executives meeting every month for a half day

Optional: Discounted one-on-one professional executive coaching sessions

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That’s right I’m totally transparent on pricing


  • Group Membership – $500 per month
  • Discounted Group Membership one-on-one coaching: $150 per one-hour session
  • Non-Group Member Coaching Rate: $250 per hour
  • Strategic Sales & Marketing Positioning: Ask for a quote

About The Group Leader: For 20 years Glen Hellman has worked with business leaders to help them determine what they need to do to take their business to the next level, and then work with them to get there. He’s an executive leadership coach with extensive training and a former Vistage Rookie of the year. He spent 12 years working for Venture Capitalists as a Turn-Around executive. He was voted #1 Angel Investor in the U.S. by Tech Cocktail Readers and is currently writing a book on Developing Sales & Marketing Strategy through Neuroscience.  He has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences as well as WJLA TV,  Georgetown University and the University of Maryland, where he also held a position on the Board of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Check out what people are saying about Glen Hellman and Forward ThinkTank. Link Here.