Tech Journalist

Mr Cranky’s Cranky Apology To Tech “Journalists”

Tech Journalists? If you’ve ever read Mr Cranky, which by the way is me referring to myself in the third person which this guy loves to do… but for now let’s get back to the original thought. This guy, which is me, and I and Glen, has been making fun of and bashing the “Journalists” at DCInno, and Nibletz, and Tech Cocktail (of which I use to be one) and DC.

After this election cycle… I must apologize for the quote marks I always use when referring to Tech “Journalist!” Because I now realize our so-called Main-Stream-Media (MSM) focuses on just as many trivial BS shiny object squirrel stories as the tech press.

Yup tech journalists I’m sorry for bashing you, you’re just as good as the main stream media. See that? Praise?

This would be a better world if the MSM and the Tech Rags could:

  1. Ask a tough question
  2. Respond to a BS answer with a Tough Question
  3. Do a little research, like maybe that guy didn’t graduate from Harvard or maybe both of that guys startups were utter failures  so why are you promoting him as DC’s kick-ass reinventer of startup turd-atude
  4. Focus on being correct instead of being first.
  5. Stop being cheerleaders for everything… some things deserve cheerleading and some things suck.

So see that guys? I apologize! You’re just as good as Fox News and the New York Daily News.