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Mr Cranky’s 5 Marketing Predictions 2017

Mr Cranky’s 5 Marketing Predictions 2017

Want to know what marketing trends are going to take off in 2017, than read these 5 marketing predictions from Mr Cranky, the man that guaranteed a Hilary Clinton presidency!

  1. Direct Mail Firms will save time by addressing their mailers directly to recycling centers
  2. Local jurisdictions will enact laws saying that placing advertisement fliers on windshields is littering and subject to $50 fine per flier
  3. In recognition that no one picks up a phone call from someone they don’t know telesales companies will stop waiting for the phone to ring before they hang-up and don’t leave a message.
  4. Email marketers will realize that the 5th email saying, “Hey I’m not sure if you got my message but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this opportunity,” will start writing that message on the 3rd
  5. Somebody is going to realize that the old ways aren’t working and move from push marketing to pull marketing. These companies will gain attention by:
    • Earning press mentions through a differentiated valuable product and/or service.
    • Achieving high crowd sourced review scores by producing a quality product and/or service.
    • Strong SEO-based online marketing.
    • Valuable content marketing.
    • AdWords
    • Well placed digital advertising.

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So that’s it Marketing Pros.  Have a great holiday and let’s all look forward to a great 2017..