Mr Cranky Badge of Hate

Mr Cranky – The Cost of Cranky

It’s not the first time I’ve heard it, “Don’t you care that so many people despise you?” I’ve heard it before. I’ll hear it again. I’m Mr Cranky and I’m proud.

If everyone loves you, you’re not making a difference.

If everyone loathes you,…. it just might be you. – Mr Cranky

But, if you can assemble just the right mix of admiration and disdain with only the slightest pinch of ambivelence……mwaaaaaa! Brilliant.

In life, It’s not about how many people like you, it’s the quality of the character of the people that respect you.

It’s not how many people wish you’d get run over by a car. It’s the sewer they crawled out of that affirms your character.

If you’re disparaged for seeking truth where others desire obfuscation… so be it.

Mr Cranky would rather be despised by the smiling backslapper building a reputation while running from his history as a liar, pretender and cheat than earn that guys Facebook-Like as a sycophant, flea-infested follower. Lie down with dogs and you get fleas.

During a rough patch in my career and personal life,I was fired from my job. I was in the middle of an ugly divorce, under an inordinate amount of financial strain. I wasn’t afforded a severance package, I didn’t get two weeks notice. I got GTFO….now. Right now. I considered this guy, my boss, a friend. I’d known him for over 20 years. Had worked for him prior. He threw me out on the street…. and I earned that. That was on me… not him.

I deserved being fired. I earned being canned. I learned from the experience. I benefited from the cold slap in the face.

A victim would have blamed his boss for the failings of the victim.

Four years later, I fired someone in the exact same position. Here was a guy that I had personally recruited into the company. He and I worked together in a prior job. He was going through the financially shattering divorce and he was distracted from performing his work duties. Unable to perform, putting the company in jeopardy. I fired him. He cried at the time. We still talk… and not cussing each other out…either.

Why? Because he’s not a victim. Because I did a difficult but the right thing. Because I did it humanly.

Hate me because I expose you as a fraud.
Despise me because I don’t respect you.
Dislike me because I ask questions you don’t want asked.
Tell everyone who will listen that I am evil, bad for DC, bad for startups.

But I challenge you to find anyone I have,

  • Cheated
  • Lied to
  • or Grinf#%cked.

There are people who will dislike you because they don’t know you.

There are people who will listen to stories and confuse stories with facts and there are folks who dislike you because you read them like a book.

I’m as proud of the folks who hate me because I’ve been true to me as I am of  the friends who love me,

I wear your scorn as a badge of honor.

I wear your respect as a grateful gift.

I’m Mr Cranky and I’m proud.