Mr Cranky at America’s Trading Up Investor Conference

Missing Mr. Cranky?

Mr. Cranky (a.k.a. Glen Hellman) is BACK for 1 more encore engagement … as a featured speaker at the America’s Trading Up Investor Conference on Friday June 27 in Tysons Corner, VA.  Meet Glen in person and TELL HIM WHAT YOU REALLY THINK!!!

Glen will focus on how to value in your business from an investor’s perspective and what makes a business investment attractive to him when selecting a start up to support.  Glen will also share his insights on the exciting opportunities opened up through crowd funding for business startups, peer-to-peer lending and investments in innovative companies.


America’s Trading Up Investor Conference

Friday, June 27, 2014 in Tysons Corner, VA
A Business Godfather, LLC Production
The Concourse Conference Center
1595 Spring Hill Road
Vienna, VA  22182


Early Registration Tuition:      $25 paid by June 20, 2014
Regular Registration Tuition:  $95 paid by June 26, 2014
Onsite Registration Tuition:    $125 paid on June 27, 2014

A full day conference focused on Choosing Abundance: 21st Century Growth Strategies for You and Your Future.

The conference will focus on identifying the best growth opportunities available in real estate, business ownership, business startups, online lending & crowd funding, and financial instruments and provide a systematic approach to capitalize on these opportunities.

The America’s Trading Up Investor Conference is for people who want to move beyond conventional investor strategies to grow wealth for themselves and their future.  Whether you are just starting to learn about investing or are not satisfied with the results you are getting, you are guaranteed to learn some new perspectives for identifying the right growth opportunities for you.

Your Hosts and Masters of Ceremonies for the America’s Trading Up Investor Conference are Isa Williams and Chris Koomey.

Isa Williams is a Washington DC based entrepreneur who invests in real estate and innovative start-up companies and is the host of America’s Trading Up Radio Show

Chris Koomey, the Business Godfather, is a Washington DC Metro based business attorney, business consultant and business owner who also manages his family’s investments and is a regular contributor to America’s Trading Up Radio Show.  To learn more about his perspective, read Chris’s Blog at:


Featured Speaker:  Glen Hellman of Driven Forward, LLC (a.k.a. Mr. Cranky in the DC Tech World).  Driven Forward, LLC is dedicated to corporate wellness-care and insuring that companies in which he is involved will never require a turn-around executive. To learn more about his perspective, read Glen’s Blog at:

Prior to founding Driven Forward in 2007, Glen founded companies, joined early teams, and directed organizations to multiple IPOs, mergers, and acquisitions.  Glen also worked as a hired-gun turn-around CEO in the employ of Venture Capital Investors.  After laying-off too many good people, selling-off too many hard earned assets, Glen realized he was a corporate hospice worker overseeing the orderly shut-down of once vibrant life-forces. – See more at:


Time Session8:30-900 am Registration and Coffee9:10-10:00 am What Do I Do with My Money?  Matching Abundance with 21st Century Investor Strategies & Profiting from Gold Rushes (Bitcoins, Social Media, Tesla, etc.)10:10-11:00 am Wholesale Strategies for Real Estate11:10-Noon Investing in Your Business and Startups – Building Value from a Professional Investor’s PerspectiveNoon-12:30 pm Lunch (Box Lunch included in your registration)12:30 – 1:20pm Online Investing, Lending, Crowdfunding and Startup Opportunities1:30-2:50 pm Financial Investing Strategies: Adjusting Conventional Strategies to You and Moving Beyond Stocks with Futures, Currency and Options3:00-3:50 pm Developing Your Systematic Abundance Strategy: Five Year Planning & Review4:00-6:00 pm Happy Hour Sponsored by Online Trading Academy Washington DC Metroposted in category