Meth Heads Screwed Us All Over

My allergies are raging. There are three people in my house suffering from it. So six days ago I bought a 24 pack of 12 hour Zyrtec D’s. Now let me do the math here. Three people, 24 hours in a day, that should last about…… hmmmmm….. now don’t rush me…… Okay carry the 3 and….. hold your horses I’m almost there…. Okay I got it, 4 days.

Well we’ve rationed or something so we haven’t quite run out until 6 days later. Today I walk into the pharmacy to pick up another pack, showed my ID and I was denied, treated like a criminal,… like a meth cooker. Can’t get my hands on any allergy relief with a D in it for a few more days.

You see in Virginia you have to register to buy allergy relief. That is if you want the pill form. Your other alternative is to walk over to the local gun store and buy a revolver and a couple of bullets, even if the day before you bought a semi-automatic rifle, and a thousand rounds of ammo, put the revolver in your nose and pull the trigger to clean out those nasal passages.

I guess we have to protect the world from the Walter White, Meth Cooks. But anyone who wants to walk in and shoot up a school can do so, as long as they aren’t hopped up on too many Zyrtec D’s.