Mercaris: I Like This Startup

Take a business model that is proven and been done before in a space that is big enough to build a great business. Yet currently too small for the market leaders and eventual acquirers to pay attention to until it’s too late.

Take a very smart, presidential fellow, CEO, Kellee James with 10 years experience in the market.

With market-leading early adopter customers that include:

  1. Whole Foods
  2. Perdue
  3. Stonyfield
  4. Organic Valley

Great seed investors:

  1. Pierrre Omidyar – founder of eBay
  2. Kapor Capital – Mitch Kapor the founder of Lotus, the 1st PC Superhit Application
  3. Comcast Ventures

Limited Technology Risk, the platform works and can handle scale

Use of Capital – To add customers

Mercaris is a marketplace for the online trading of organic and non-GMO commodities. Sort of like the Chicago Board of Trade but not quite.

This one is worth a look!