Meet Gordon Mckenzie

Meet Gordon McKenzie, the Bulgarian architect on Twitter!


Gordon has a striking resemblance to Robert Florida, a guy who reviewed Jazzie Deals

Who has an uncanny resemblance to Carlos a reviewer of Mast

And how about my buddy, James P who loves Zero Odor…. wait a minute… zero odor? Something here stinks!

I can do this all day… see this Facebook guy?


I know what you’re saying kids… sure this guy looks good when he’s looking straight at the camera, but is that all he can do? Shit no, he can do the sexy, thoughtful, let’s sell some sunglasses pose.


Or how about the healthy jogging guy?  You know… a shot where he takes off his jacket and looks active.

Or maybe just go to his stock footage page right here.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking this just might not be Gordon McKenzie or Carlos or Pete… or… or… or…

Russian Trolls, fake reviews, fake profiles, catfishing… and now we’re even getting into fake videos. Anything can be faked on the internet. Any chicken weasel can make all kinds of accusations and stand behind them with a fake persona.

Before you buy into someone’s bullshit… make sure they’re not a Russian Troll. Make sure they are not some disgruntled out of work criminal who is hiding behind an alias because they are on their way to Prison and if they revealed their true identity, no one would believe them. Or maybe they’re just such wimps they are afraid of what would happen if people knew they were being douchebags.

There are companies that will stuff reviews for clients on Amazon and other sites… not all highly ranked products are highly ranked by people who are not Gordon McKenzie.

Here’s the thing, don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet. Research it before you spread it. Videos are being faked, documents are being faked. Identities are being created and there is no sense spreading the untruths of others. Don’t’ get in fights with bots or trolls that aren’t brave enough to stand behind what they say.

By the way, this message was brought to you by Glen Hellman and if you want to know what I look like… here’s my LinkedIn profile which proves it’s me.

Glen Hellman
Handsome Devil