Matthew Pugsley Scofflaw and Felon

Right now as I write this Matthew Pugsley is in court. Once again this crook is defending himself for non-payment. Just a quick check of the Fairfax County District Court for Pugsley the CEO of Chalant Health shows that Pugsley has been involved in 12 Court Actions involving 9 different cases since 2009. Count them 12. Four of those involve Matthew Pugsley being evicted (Unlawful Detainer).

Case # Plaintiff Defendant Date Case Judgment Case Type
GV17012863-00 CARLOCK, DOUG PUGSLEY, MATTHEW 07/21/17 Plaintiff Unlawful Detainer
GV14018989-01 WEBSTER, DAVID E PUGSLEY, MATTHEW 01/08/15 Closed Garnishment
GV14018989-02 WEBSTER, DAVID E PUGSLEY, MATTHEW 01/08/15 Closed Garnishment
GV14018989-00 WEBSTER, DAVID E PUGSLEY, MATTHEW 10/24/14 Plaintiff Unlawful Detainer
GV13021708-00 KANG, DIANA S PUGSLEY, MATTHEW Q 11/01/13 Non-suit Warrant In Debt
GV12014854-01 MILLER, MARGARET PUGSLEY, MATTHEW Q 09/18/12 Closed Interrogatory/Judge
GV12014854-00 MILLER, MARGARET PUGSLEY, MATTHEW Q 07/20/12 Plaintiff Unlawful Detainer
GV10031048-00 DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC PUGSLEY, MATTHEW 07/06/11 Non-suit Warrant In Debt
GV10031784-00 COUNTRY CLUB OF FAIRFAX PUGSLEY, MATTHEW Q 01/12/11 Not Found/Unserved Warrant In Debt
GV10021600-00 DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS PUGSLEY, MATTHEW Q 09/23/10 Non-suit Unlawful Detainer
GV08030274-00 BB&T FINANCIAL FSB PUGSLEY, MATTHEW Q 02/27/09 Plaintiff Warrant In Debt
  1. Regarding Eviction Case Number : GV14018989-00 Judgement against Pugsley
    Judgment : Plaintiff Costs : $46.00
    Attorney Fees : 2,112.00
    Principal Amount : $10,560.00
    Other Amount : Interest Award : 6% FROM 102414
    Possession : Possession Writ
  2. Regarding Eviction Case Number: GV17012863-00 
    Judgment : Plaintiff Costs : $70.00
    Attorney Fees : -0-
    Principal Amount : $23,333.34
    Other Amount : Interest Award : 6% INTEREST FROM 072117
    Regarding Eviction Case Number : GV08030274-00
    Judgment : Plaintiff Costs : $53.00
    Attorney Fees : $977.00
    Principal Amount : $3,909.18
    Other Amount : Interest Award : 19.9% FROM 06/03/08
  3. Regarding Loan Default Case Number : GV10015563-00
    Judgment : Plaintiff
    Costs : $51.00
    Attorney Fees : 0
    Principal Amount : $15,000.00
    Other Amount : Interest Award : 6% FROM 2/2/11
    A notice of bankruptcy has been received by the court.
  4. Regarding Eviction Case Number: GV12014854-00
    Judgment: Plaintiff
    Costs : $58.00
    Attorney Fees : 0
    Principal Amount : $4,232.00
    Other Amount : Interest Award : 6% FROM 07/20/2012

Circuit Court Actions are not online and yet I know of three. In those actions, he was found to have defrauded investors of over $300 thousand dollars. For instance in Fairfax County Circuit Court, Case 2014-11581 a judge awarded the plaintive against Pugsley $147,536 for an investment that Pugsley used for personal purposes. plus punitive damages of $12,500, and Attorney fees of $9,213.

Then, of course, there was the Felony conviction for the sale of a controlled substance.

This is a man who has spent more time in a Prison Cell than he’s spent in a boardroom.

So let that sink in Joel Neamon, I’m told you’re a good guy and you want to help Matthew but you are tarnishing your name and not helping the world by lending your name to Chalant Health. Really? Are you the Pharmacy Director? No, you’re not. You’re retired. You haven’t worked a day in your life for Chalant.

Rick Rose, well you’re another story. I’ve known you for 20 years and you and Matthew belong together but you are also retired. You’re just helping him rip off unsuspecting, stupid investors.

You two idiots need to have your names removed from this criminal enterprise. You’re complicit in this scam. You’re co-conspirators.

Every month I get an inquiry like this one that I received on July 12th:

From: CF
Date: Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 1:57 PM
Subject: Driven Forward Contact Submission from CF
To: Glen Hellman

I invested in Chalant Health in 2015. Your post said you could help me get my money back? I’m all ears!


Once again, let me say this. Chalant Health is not a company. It has no product. It has no team. It has no partners or any office. Chalant Health has one employee, Matthew Pugsley, a Scofflaw, Conman, Convicted Felon, an ex-convict and future convict. When you “Invest” in Chalant, you’re giving a man who refuses to do an honest days work money so he can live. You’d be better off giving it directly to his wife because there is evidence he uses investor money to buy drinks for a band and not to support his wife and four four kids.

Folks if you invested in Chalant and you want to take action. I recommend you contact the Commonwealth of Virginia, State Corporation Commission’s, Division of Securities and Retail Franchising. They are aggressively pursuing scams like Chalant Health. See this action they took with Andy Powers of CommuniClique (CliqueAPI).

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