Matthew Pugsley of Chalant Health or Hey Big Spender!

Matthew Pugsley, Chalant Health CEO needs cash. He says he needs Cash for his “startup company” called Chalant Health. Not true.

It’s Friday, the evening of March 2nd, Matthew Pugsley and his girlfriend, Jan Ridgely, CEO of United Charitable were out partying at JVs in Falls Church. Big spender Pugsley was having a great time. Buying the drinks for the performers, the Houk Robinson Duo. But whose money was he using? Where did a man who reportedly owes tens of thousands in back child support get the money to buy a round of drinks for anyone?

Houk Robinson Duo playing at JVs in 2017

Matthew Pugsley has previously declared bankruptcy. He does not have a job. He is CEO of a pre-revenue pile of turds he calls Chalant Health. Chalant Health has no product, no employees, and no income.

In the last 3 years, Pugsley has been evicted at least 5 times for not paying rent. He’s delinquent on alimony and child support. He owes at least half a million dollars to people for cheating them in his prior company, US Scan. He conned a vendor into developing a product and then didn’t pay him $300 thousand dollars. He took at least $200K from individuals who thought they were investing in US Scan and found out he used that money to pay his personal expenses.

Last month, Pugsley was reported served with a subpoena to appear in court this month to explain to a judge why he isn’t paying his court-ordered child support.

So where does Matthew Pugsley, a guy with no job, no savings, and no credit, get the cash to buy drinks for a band? Where does a guy who can’t pay to support his 4 kids get the cash to buy drinks for the band at JV’s?

My only guess is from his Girlfriend Jan Ridgely, an advisor to Chalant Health. A woman who helps him raise money,  even though she is fully aware her beau is a scam artist bilking investors out of cash. This woman stands behind this crook as he lies to potential investors. If not from his partner in crime Jan, then it is from Chalant Health investors. In which case, Chalant Health investors, the band thanks you for your “investment.”

So potential investors, if you want to throw money away, please don’t give it to Pugsely… give it to his ex-wife so she can feed his kids. He’ll only use your money to buy drinks for the band.

Matt, I just heard from another friend that you tried to con into ruining his reputation by asking him to introduce you to potential investors. This guy knows me, trusts me. You think he’s going to put his reputation on the line for you? Anyway, you are such a big shot now, buying drinks for a band, maybe we shouldn’t call the people who give you money investors… maybe we should them patrons of the arts.

A word of advice Matt, anyone with Google is not going to invest. A simple google search highlights your bankruptcies, evictions and felony convictions. I don’t begrudge you earning an income. Get a job for which you’re qualified. Become a Starbucks Barista! But please don’t handle cash at the register. Starbucks is a great career for a guy like you. It comes with healthcare and maybe you could start paying to support your kids again.

Just stop trying to cheat people. Even if you intend to start a company, your desperate need for cash will force you to divert investor funds! And please, if I’m wrong, I invite you or the woman whose skirts you hide behind, Jan Ridgely to follow the advice in this open letter and document that I’m wrong. If your documentation is credible, I’ll correct the record.  You’re also free to comment, here. I won’t censor any reasonable response.

Or you could ask the Tower Club to kick me out… again. You could call the President of the University of Maryland… again.. or you could go to church and ask the Patron Saints of Thieves and Scumbags to speak to my Mom in heaven and ask her to get me to back-off. Or get a lawyer… but since, I am presenting facts and since I pay my bills, I assure you my lawyer will kick your lawyer’s ass (see how good my lawyer is here).

I hope to see you at the Tower Club soon!

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