Matthew Pugsley is a conman and he Strikes Again

Matthew Pugsley is a conman. Not everyone knows this about him as evidenced by a phone call I just had with a friend. This buddy, who shall remain nameless, was recently at a cocktail party where he met a guy who had no idea Matthew Pugsley is a conman. Over drinks and small talk their conversation went something like this:

Sucker: “So what do you do?”
Friend: “I’m a Venture Capitlist.”
Sucker: “Really? I just made my first venture investment.”
Friend: “In what company?”
Sucker: “A little company called Chalant Health. I don’t know much about it or how they’re doing but my boss invested six figures.”
<Awkward Silence as Friend struggles not to lose his drink through his nose>
Friend: “You know you might want to google them.”

Hey Sucker, let me google that for you! Try this link. See how easy that was? Do you know what you would have learned had you done that before you stroked a check? Matthew Pugsley is a conman.

Let me make this perfectly clear, Pugsley ain’t no businessman. Pugsley ain’t no saint. Pugsley ain’t no upstanding citizen. Matthew Pugsley is a conman, and Chalant Health is a house of cards. This isn’t Matt’s first con. This isn’t Matt’s first company from which he embezzled money from cough, cough, “venture investors.”

Thank you Mr. I-Just-Made-A-Venture-Investment, the world needs more “investors” like you. I can direct you to a great mobile-phone-connected-water-bottle (see LifeFuels) or how about an Uber for private investigators (see Trustify). Oh, and your six-figure investing boss? Would you send him to me? I have some great ideas for startups. Maybe he’d like to invest in my new accelerator (see brake).

Or I have a better investment idea! I’m thinking about starting a website where you can enter search words, or terms or names and press a button and it will magically find information on that thing you searched! It’s going to revolutionize the world! I’ll call it Goggle. People can use it before they get scammed by conmen. Want to invest?

So Mr. “Venture Investor,” if you’re starting to have a little buyer’s remorse… if you are beginning to believe that just maybe, Matthew Pugsley is a conman. Let me help you reinforce that sinking feeling.

Mathew Pugsley Is A Conman’s Greatest Hits

Not enough for you? Well here’s more proof. Pugsley knows I’m writing articles about him. I’ve invited him to present me with evidence that contradicts all the records I’ve collected about him… crickets. Instead of defending himself he sicked his crazy, attack dog girlfriend, Jan Ridgely, the CEO of a bogus charity called United Charitable on me (see this post).

If this was me and someone had wrongfully accused me of being a criminal, I’d contact them (he hasn’t) and send them proof that they screwed up (he hasn’t). Especially in this case where the guy said he was willing to be convinced he was wrong. Then if I contacted them and they didn’t fix the errors, I’d sue them. My first article about Chalant Health was December 20th.

But if the person writing about me had their facts right? If I knew there was no defense because I was a crook, I’d sick my crazy attack dog girlfriend on him or I’d pretend that these posts didn’t exist and hope I could find a clueless “Venture Investor” who thinks due-diligence is a 70’s heavy metal hair band. If I were innocent of these accusations, I wouldn’t let it stand for six months without defending myself.

Now sit down and take a deep breath Mr. “Venture Investor.” Count to 10. Is your head clear yet? Okay, you may proceed.

I have a few questions for you. Did Mr. Pugsley tell you about the year he spent in prison on a three-year sentence for a felony drug trafficking conviction? Did he tell you he’s been in jail more than once? Did he tell you about the investor in US Scan who won a $147K judgment against Pugsley for embezzlement? Did he mention that that poor investor received no cash back for winning that judgment? That “Venture Investors” in US Scan lost over $350K? Did he tell you how many times he’s been evicted for not paying rent in the last 5 years? Did he tell you how many times his poor ex-wife had to take him to court because he failed to pay child support? Did his ex-wife thank you because your “investment” is more likely to be spent on child support to keep Pugsley out of jail than invested in his bogus company? Did you know I found all this information by using Google?

Now listen to me here Mr. “Venture Investor.” if you would like to get your money back, your best chance is to contact the Commonwealth of Virginia’s, State Corporation Commission, Division of Securities & Retail Franchising by linking here. and help the authorities who are diligently collecting evidence to stop Pugsley from bilking “investors,” because unlike you, they believe that Matthew Pugsley is a conman. These law enforcement authorities are collecting evidence to prosecute, Pugsley. They think that Chalant Health is a con game and I believe that you were conned.

But hey, the band at JV’s thanks you! Because Matt will be using your money to buy drinks for the band. He’s a big spender of other people’s money.

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