Matt De Leon Attempts To Save His Career by Rewriting History

Matt De Leon is either a complete imbecile or a coconspirator in the Ponzi Scheme that was Trustify.  My money is on both. Everything I’ve been told and observed leads me to believe he’s both a moron and a crook. By way of background, who is Matt De Leon? According to Matt’s LinkedIn profile (which I have to view under an alias because for some unfathomable reason Matthew De Leon blocks me on social media. Insert sad face here.) he joined a company called Trustify in May 2016.

As the story of Trustify unfolded over the years it is apparent the company defrauded investors who thought they were investing in a company, only to find out they invested in a facade of a company which in reality was just a personal bank account for its founders and officers. Investors watched as $18 million dollars evaporated funding a lavish luxurious lifestyle for the companies executives. After scores of interviews with former Trustify employees, vendors, investigators, and investors and scouring a multitude of lawsuits against the company it is apparent that Trustify’s revenues were greatly exaggerated and that fraud was committed (see this investor lawsuit).

Matt De Leon is trying to claim he was on the side of the angels at Trustify. Yet the exception of Danny Boice, who founded the company in April of 2015 and Boice’s soon to be ex-wife, retroactive co-founder, Jen Mellon, who joined the company in September 2015, no member of the Trustify team has served the Trustify Dumpster Fire longer than Matt De Leon. No one.

In fact, Matt De Leon was one of the last rats to jump to the sinking ship.

Trustify Executive Team as of March 2019

De Leon claims to be an experienced, trustworthy, competent investigator yet somehow he couldn’t suss out the corporate fraud and abuse taking place right under his instigative nose in the 3 years he worked at Trustify. How did Matthew De Leon miss the criminal behavior?

I know of 5 former senior executives who started with the company and left because they were concerned about the abuse and fraud taking place and yet De Leon persisted.

Matthew De Leon is either a half-wit or an accomplice to the crimes perpetrated by Boice and his estranged wife, Jen Mellon. Jen Mellon left Trustify in an attempt to distance herself from the fraudulent operation and she currently serves as the confidential assistant to FERC Commissioner Niel Chatterjee. Yet Matt remained.

A recent article titled, A Trustify Postmortem,” by Pursuit Magazine, includes comments from Mr. De Leon. In it De Leon claims,

“he stuck around at Trustify, doing what he could to see that investigators who were owed money eventually got paid. He did this without being paid himself for several months.”

Hmmm, Matt, based on what I see you didn’t make sure anyone got paid.

Nice try Matt. Very noble! Matthew took umbrage with the article that pointed out the criminal behavior to which he was a party. Whether he was a perpetrator, an enabler, or a blind mouse, he argued that Pursuits article was unfair. Matt’s message continued with:

“Matthew felt that our piece on Trustify needed a little work. He took issue with several points. So we’re giving him a chance to address what he feels are inaccuracies in the article, and also in earlier reporting about the company in bigger news outlets:”

Then Mr. De Leon asserts that there was no boat.

“Danny Boice apparently did not own a boat. Can’t find records that he ever bought one in his name, his wife’s name, or the Trustify name. So there’s that.”

The fact that there is no boat in Boice’s or Trustify’s name does not mean he doesn’t own nor that he didn’t buy a boat. I have multiple sources that say Danny bought a boat that cost over $100 thousand. Danny can buy a bought and it doesn’t have to be in his name or the name of Trustify. For instance, Danny had an LLC in which he allegedly funneled $750 thousand dollars a year. He had multiple other cut-out corporate shells. He had a wife and family. When he purchased the boat it was obvious that the company was going to go bankrupt. Boice traded his $1.4 million beach house to his estranged wife for $1. Three months before the company closed its doors. Why wouldn’t he buy a house in some other name?

When a person hires a private investigator they hope to hire someone who is competent, intelligent, and honest. I can understand why De Leon wants to pretend that he was a hard-working, conscientious broker at Trustify. The facts say otherwise.

Hey, when you attached your name to a dumpster fire like Trustify, how do you rehabilitate your reputation. It looks like De Leon is trying to rewrite history. Why not fudge his record and pretend that while every honest broker who worked for Trustify quit the company as soon as they smelled the rotting fish. De Leon wallowed in that stench and thrived. De Leon was Boice’s henchman and frequently executed the companies heinous acts.

In Matt’s defense, there are people who say that in the early days, he seemed to be a principled guy. Others say they saw him change from good guy to Boice’s evil henchman. It appears that as Trustify’s trajectory started going off the rails, Matt’s principals were left behind. Few people working at Trustify in the last year have a good word to say about Matthew De Leon which would explain to me why Matt De Leon feels the need to defend his reputation by attempting to obfuscate the facts to Pursuit Magazine. The facts don’t bear out your claims Matt and the unpaid investigators are still unpaid.

I welcome Matt De Leon to respond. I ask him to tell me why I’m wrong. I’ve been documenting the malfeasance of Boice and his company for over five years. Much of what I’ve written is proven documented facts. Did it not make you ask any questions? Did it not force you to do your own investigation? Unless Matt can defend himself with documented proof, I will stand that he is an incompetent, less than honest, low intelligence investigator. But hey, I’d love to be proven wrong. Prove me wrong Matt De Leon. If you respond in comments, I promise to publish his defense without edits.

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