Mashable’s 10 Best Spoof Twitter Accounts

Back in December of 2011 I posted this blog post.  I checked it today and it’s still funny and worth repeating  today plus I added some tweets and accounts.

New Stuff

The original Tweets from the 2011 Mashable Article

    1. Not Mark Zuckerberg @notzukcerberg Sample Tweet: A Google+ account is like a piece of home exercise equipment: you have one, you never use it, and you know nobody else uses theirs, either.
    2. AndroidPR @AndroidPR Sample Tweet: IDC predicts RIM will double their CEOs by 2012.
    3. Walt Mosspuppet @mosspuppet (Mocking Steve Jobs-Loving Journalist) Sample Tweet: Apple Rumoured To Be Working On Revolutionary New Versions of Literally Everything:  
    4. Fake Stephen Elop @fakeselop (Nokia Nincompoop) Sample Tweet: Apple’s building a TV? Clearly we must now build a radio!
    5. Carol Bartz @fakecarolbartz (Captain of the Yahoo Titanic) Sample Tweet: I wouldn’t hire anyone with Y! Mail address, unless of course the position is for a useless caveman that has sex with VCRs.
    6. Fake Facebook PR @FacebookPR Sample Tweet: Crazy busy here at Facebook recently. Ever since The Social Network came out we’ve been cancelling anyone’s account who “likes” it.80yo Rupert
    7. Julian Ass @Julian_Ass (WikiLeaks Ass Monkey) Sample Tweet: Murdoch controls more than 50% of the worlds media. When I’m 80 I’ll just be happy to be more than 50% in control of my bladder.
    8. ATT Paroldy Relations @ATT_Fake_PR Sample Tweet:  ATT launching LTE in 5 markets this weekend. In other news, AT&T launching 2G in NYC
    9. Peter Molyneux 2 @petermolydeux (Legendary Game Designer) Sample Tweet: How about a game where you get to be a mother-in-law who bullies your son’s young wife? the aim is to have her thrown out within X months
    10. Google Brain @GoogleBrain Sample Tweet: Think “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was scary? #Googleknows what you were searching for on your Android phone while you are in the can!