Marcus Bullock – A Real Startup Founder and Ex-Con

Marcus Bullock is the real deal. The deck is stacked against him from achieving anything of note. Yes, this man, conquered the odds and has built a life of value. I often write about the phony startup founders and future convicts. The conman and clowns of DCTech. Today I’d like to go the other way, with a real man, the real deal who has sinned and paid for his sins and today is working to change the world.

Marcus Bullock is an activist for criminal justice reform. He’s a man who spends his time giving back to the community by teaching entrepreneurship to the incarcerated. This man started a home contracting business and hires ex-cons. He gives them the chance to live productive lives. Ex-convicts with purpose and careers have lower rates of recidivism.

Marcus’s company Flikshop fills a critical need to help incarcerated citizens keep in touch with their families. These are the kind of connections that give people hope and the motivation to leave prison and never return.

I’m proud to call this man a friend and an inspiration.

Watch Marcus’s Ted Talk and learn how he as a 15-year-old made a monumental mistake and yet didn’t let that define him. See his Ted talk here.

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