Managing Millennials

Managing Millennials and Simon Sinek

Managing Millennials… you know what they say about Millennials… right? Millennials…can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. My 27 year old Harvard Law school son has advised me he’s so sick of being told his faults are due to his membership in the Millennial club that he’s implemented a Chrome Browser Plug-in to change the word Millennials to “Snake People.”

That means that if he’s reading this blog post he just read Managing Millennials as Managing Snake People. And if I wrote Managing Snake People he would assume I wrote Managing Millennials which is my way of getting the SEO term Managing Millennials a high density SEO ranking (want the plug in? link here).

Now eminent sociologist or is he an archaeologist, or anthropologist, actually I don’t remember which but he’s some sort of somethingpologist who studies Managing Millennials (there I go again with the SEO density) drops interesting insights in his latest video.

His most recent work on Managing Snake People (did you download the plug in and think I said Managing Millennials or did you notice I said Snake People) covers:

Corporate leaders say Managing Millennials is difficult because Snake People are:

  • Entitled
  • Narcissistic
  • Unfocused
  • Lazy

His words… not mine.

He blames this on 4 major factors

  1. Failed Parenting (Helicopter Parents Anyone)
    1. Making our kids believe they are the most special people even though they are normal (when did normal become a bad thing?)
    2. Giving them everything they want
    3. Parents interfering with teachers to insure their undeserving kids get in honors classes and high grades
    4. Participation Trophies
  2. Technology – Social Media/Smart Phone
    1. Social Media Likes and Attention creates an unhealthy addiction to dopamine
    2. Technology replacing the need and ability to build meaningful relationships
    3. Depression caused by the unrealistic appearance that everyone else’s life is wonderful
  3. Impatience – The Instant Gratification Generation
    1. Download content instantly
    2. Amazon Instant
    3. Swipe right dating
  4. Environment – Corporate Culture That Emphises
    1. Numbers over Humans
    2. Short Term Results over Long Term

Managing Millennials and Snake People is difficult because the generation lacks joy, human connections, and expect instant results.

Check out the video!

Other Simon Sinek work includes his great Ted Talk on Why Why is More Important than How or What.

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