Love Your Haters

You have to love your haters. If you’re a person of principle. If you’re true to your values. Then you have to love your haters. That’s the reason I was flattered the other day when a semi-literate, inarticulate, hater created a web site that pays homage to Mr. Cranky. Thank you whomever you are. You’re a hater and you have to love your haters.

Oh wait… maybe you have to hate your haters if you’re not a person of integrity. Maybe you should hate your hater if they call out your dishonesty and nitwitery… maybe you should hate your haters. If you’re ashamed of your history perhaps you should hate your haters. If you are insecure and care more about how other people view you than how you view yourself… than public haters are a problem. Mr. Cranky, AKA Glen Hellman, who is me… I am a problem for some people. So I wasn’t surprised when one of my haters created a web site to try and inflict the pain and angst that a Mr. Cranky post inflicts on the crooks and clowns of startupland. Here’s the difference between me and my haters. I’m not intimidated by their hate. I love it. It completes me. I don’t hide from their hate. They try and hide my posts. They would never do what I’m about to do. Promote their hate! Last week, I saw this tweet.

Wow! That’s so scary! So what did I do? I ran and hid in a corner, blocked a thousand people on twitter and facebook and linkedin and myspace. I called my congresswoman and asked her to get the post removed. I  then pretended this post didn’t exist…. hahahahaha, No, not really, I jest, I retweeted it. Check out this blog post and this new web page titled DrivenBackwards (here’s the cached version that still shows up). The name for this page is the only clever thing about the web site. The rest of it is pretty droll. In case the post disappears tomorrow I’ll post it here.

Glen Hellman (Mr.Cranky)“Business Advisor with No Real Business Wins”

Glen Hellman better known as “Mr. Cranky” is a Blogger in the Dc area. He is Supposed to be on a mission to save DC’s Tech Industry, but is that really Glen Hellman’s agenda? As a Business owner or Investor how can one take coaching lessons, or even learn from an individual who has only been a failure. But according to his writings and our team of investigators it seems “Mr. Cranky has a different Agenda; we will get to that later. Mr. Cranky (Glen Hellman) has a way with words and it seems like he’s just out to cause damage. Is this due to his own failure as a business man? Is all this anger Mr. Cranky expresses in his little blog due to the fact that he blames others for his own failures? Glenn Helman seems to talk about everyone except himself. Here are some facts about Mr. Cranky (Glen Hellman). It seems the only real Job he was able to hold for more than 1 year was when he was in the Board of Advisors at the University of Maryland from 2008 to2012. After making bad choices and Investments time after time, without any REAL BUSINESS WINS this clown then decides to go after people like Danny Boice, even to the extreme of intervening in a divorce and creating a Go Fund me page for Joanne Boice. But Why is Mr. Cranky so nice? Is he actually doing an act of good faith? No, Glenn Hellman according to our sources was secretly having an affair with her and he seemed to be very much in love. But our sources tell us that she wasn’t. She just used him for what she needs at that time and bye, meanwhile poor Mrs. Hellman at home thinking he is out doing a good cause. Remember Mr. Cranky ‘’We are Always Watching”

For all the young people trying to get advice or coaching, please don’t take any advice from a man who has only been a failure, who is a has been. Just read all his achievements. It always says Former, Former, Former. His latest achievement and one that we guess he is very proud of because he mentions it in everything is Tech Cocktail’s #1 Angel investor in 2012. He is always promoting his little blog, rant, fake news website too. With only about 100 hits a week, no wonder he is always angry.

So how can a person actually get Business advice from person who only thrives on hurting others. Who’s only agenda is Ranting about others with false information. Glen, just because you have been a failure, you shouldn’t be blaming others for that. The only person to blame is yourself. We will have new stories about Mr. Cranky again soon.

So, Remember Don’t Take Advice from a Business Advisor with No Real Business Wins. What can he teach you in an Industry that he doesn’t understand? Find yourself a real Advisor, a young advisor with Real Business Wins.

We Will Be Back Soon…

Signed Anonymous

We’re Watching

Hahaha, we will be back soon? I sure as shit hope so! This is great fun! You have to love your haters! I love this!

I have a question for the fool who put this page up, and then took it down when they must have realized that is wasn’t going to damage anyone. Do you think you’re going to find anything in my past that I’m hiding? Don’t you think that in this decade of me bringing to light the criminal, cruel, irresponsible behavior of crooked bullies like Jen Mellon and Danny Boice, I would go unscathed if I have something to hide? Boice and Mellon had access to millions of dollars and hundreds of private investigators… don’t you think they’ve dug into my background? Don’t you think they would have exposed me if there was anything to expose? Don’t you think, I’d be a total fool to kick a hornets’ nest if I knew it was full of angry live hornets?

Now I could spend my time pointing out that the post is only semi-literate, but damn, I live in a glass house when it comes to grammar and spelling. I can try and speculate who the author is, but really who cares. I know this about the author. This is likely written by one of the people that I have exposed as a liar and/or a criminal and/or a failure. The only thing I know for sure about the author… the author is a coward that hides behind a pseudonym. The biggest difference between this coward and me is I stand behind my posts and sign my work. Signing your work keeps you honest. This person hides behind a nom de Plume.

Why wouldn’t this person sign their work? Maybe because it is so banal and stupid they were embarrassed to be associated with it. Maybe they’re afraid of me or my mom. Maybe they can’t stand up to scrutiny.

Here’s the thing, when a person has nothing to hide, when a person lives a transparent life, when a person is honest, truthful and comfortable with who she or he is… you can’t hurt them with words. You can’t hurt me with the truth. I embrace my truth. You can’t hurt me with your lies, I am not defined by your lies. So have at it! Oh and thanks for helping me find something to write about. Ever since Communiclique AKA Clique and Trustify have been taken down… I’ve been blog blocked. Thanks for handing me such an easy blog post.

I look forward to this blogger as promised… being back soon! You know why? Because I have nothing to hide. So have at it! And thank you for validating me. It’s nice to know I’m making a difference.

You have to love your haters. I love you!

Oh… and one more thing, if you didn’t know this, let me tell you that I was the #1 Angel Investor in America as rated by Tech Cocktail users… I’m so proud of that that I wrote this humorous post making fun of the award back in 2013.

As of 5:32 PM, May 31, The Post Was Removed.