LinkedIn Scammers meet Sam Walton AKA Yuhao Fan

Yesterday, I received this exciting invite on LinkedIn:

Hello Glen, I am Yuhao, co-founder of two companies, one is valued at over $5 million. Just turned 22 and about to graduate this year. Working on the third and the greatest idea yet in D.C. Looking for a mentor as well as funding! To do good and make bank. Let’s connect and have a chat. Cheers.

Ahhhh…. no. Ahhhh hell no.

But for the hell of it… let’s check out his profile!

Now when Yuhao Fan, sent me the link request his name was Yuhao Fan… less than twenty-four hours later, he was adopted by the Walton Family of Walmart fame and he’s Sam Walton.

By the way, yesterday, I checked out the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel at the National Harbor in Maryland. Walmart must have been closed because every Walmart customer on the east coast was in the Casino. Let’s just say it wasn’t like the Casino in Monaco.

Now back to Yuhao Sam Fan Walton. So I checked out his LinkedIn.

Very impressive. What person who was never suckered into investing in Jonathon Perrelli, Paul Singh, Evan Burfield, Andy Powers, Danny Boice, Elizabeth Holms, ‎Billy McFarland, and Bernie Madoff wouldn’t want to invest in Sam Fan, AKA Yuhao Walton?

Unfortunately for Mr. Walton-Fan, I have google. Well, I wonder what happens if I google search the image.

Apparently, Mr. Walton-Fan is a top hairdo model… nice doo dude!

What’s funny, when I got the email Walton Yuhao had a different picture and a different name.

Thanks for checking in, but I’ll pass!

My information says that Fan Yahoo Walton has sent this exact same note to 100’s of people. One of them asked him why the name change from Mr. Fan to Mr. Sam-I-Am, he responded that he is a Student in Virginia but he had to change his name because applications like Twitter and Facebook are illegal so he decided to work on the down low.

What’s Yuhao Sam’s game? My guess there’s a 3% chance that he’s legit. A 50% chance that he is linking to people to do a data scrape of those people’s contacts to build a big database.

So Sam Yahooey! We are not going to be connected.

Some rules to improve your chances of connecting:

  • Customize your message to the caller. Yuhao, did address the message to Glen, which is good because that’s my name but he sent the exact same message to a ton of people. The message itself was generic.  Use specifics. Like Hi Glen, I’m looking for a cranky old fart to work with.
  • Don’t use stupid phraseology like, “to do good and make bank.”
  • Tell the person how you came on them and make it personal.
  • Don’t connect to people because you want to date them, sell them shit, or have them invest in you.
  • Tell the person what’s in it for them to connect.