LearnMetrics Learns Nothing Fast

Chicago-based startup LearnMetrics and Julian Miller are the definition of the Startup Professional Class (SPC) What do I mean by that? The Startup Professional class are components of the Startup Industrial Complex. Julian and his SPC colleagues, like DC-based Danny Boice and Evan Burfield are not in the business of creating companies of any value… they create vehicles in which investors put cash from which the SPC pocket income while investors reap no rewards. SPC’s very existence depends on taking advantage of the Startup Fervor and profiting from the hype while offering investors nothing but write-offs.

Let’s revisit the saga of LearnMetrics. In September 2013  I posted, LearnMeterics Gets Acceleritus. Julian wrote a whiny little missive to Techstars, David Cohen. Cohen admittedly did little to no due diligence, ineffectively redacting identifying information prior to irresponsibly posting Miller’s dubious tale of woe. When internet sleuths pieced together the true identities, Cohen’s posting ignited an affair that blew up and sullied reputations…possibly the wrong reputations (see this David Cohen inspired hit piece by ValleyWag).

So fast forward 4 years to today. LearnMetrics a rabid acceleritus¹ sufferer, has been a member of 6 accelerators (Brandery, Socratic Labs, Impact Engine, Pearson Catalyst, DreamIt Edu, & Intel), has little if any product or customer success stories or any other positive measures of success to point to.  Julian’s main strength appears to be his ability to get accepted and learn nothing from accelerators. Now this story in the Chicago Tribune seems to point to the beginning of the end of LearnMetrics. According to the Tribune, four employees are suing LearnMetrics for back wages.

Chicago Tribune, “four employees say they’ve filed wage claims against the company after they say Learnmetrics stopped paying them in October. The employees asked to not be named based on legal advice or future job considerations. According to the claims, three of the employees are seeking more than $13,000 each in unpaid wages from the company.”

Learn metrics CEO, Julian Miller joins the ranks of the professional SPC. Beware the Startup Professional Class, the profiteers of the Startup Industrial Complex. The bilkers of dreams.

¹Accelritus is the addiction to being in accelerators at the cost of being accelerated.  (See WikiCrankia)