Bush Cheney Co Leaders Lead

Leaders Lead

Leaders Lead. They don’t abdicate their responsibility. They don’t share their power. They solicit input. They allow debate.

Leaders don’t share their crown. They lead. Leaders Lead. They act. They encourage debate. They allow discussion… pre-decision discourse. They decide and then demand and expect buy-in. Debate over. Everyone rowing in the same direction and only one Captain. Only one deciderer.

There are no co-CEOs. There are no great wimp-ass, indecisive leaders. There is no room for second guessers. There are no co-captains on the leadership team.

When the Captain allows a first mate to speak for them, to counterman their decisions, to compete for control, the ship goes adrift. The ship heads toward the rocks.

When the crew doesn’t know which competing orders to follow, the boat flounders. A captain who’s crew doesn’t know who’s in charge is no captain at all.

A leader that closes their eyes to being undermined by an underling is doomed and deserves to be so. A leader who doesn’t know that they are THE leader is a fraud.

Are you in charge? Are you leading?

Leaders Lead.