Join New ThinkTank Peer Advisory Group

Why a Peer Advisory Group? It’s lonely at the top.  Have you noticed?

If you run a business where do you go to let down your guard? Where can you go to be vulnerable? Where can you share your deepest concerns? Who helps you be a better leader?

Share them with your Partners? What if they are the issue?

Share them with your spouse or spouse equivalent? Maybe…… or maybe not.

Share them with your staff, your board of directors? And watch the vultures circle your carcass.

Everyone around you has an agenda. You’re surrounded by people who color their advice with a zero-sum solution… someone wins and they lose. Everyone around you has an agenda. There’s something in it beside your best interest for everyone around you.

So where can you go for unvarnished, experienced advice and wisdom? That’s what Forward ThinkTank Peer Advisory Group is about. It’s a safe, confidential forum of from 8 – 12 of your peers.  People just like you who run businesses.  People just like you who want to learn, improve their performance, share their experience and wisdom. Peers whose only agenda is to help you because you will help them. This is the ultimate give/get group.

Our Peer Advisory Group one 1/2 day every week with the expressed purpose to help us all become better leaders, improve our businesses and our lives. Everything discussed is strictly confidential. In this Peer Advisory Group, it’s Vegas Rules what happens in that room stays in that room.

With the first ThinkTank group off and running and fully subscribed, I’m forming a second group expected to launch in March. Are you the right person to be a founding charter member?

Interested? Schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session? Schedule a 1 on 1.  

This Forward ThinkTank group is accepting members who meet the following:

Target Member Profile:

  • Revenue: $500K – $10M
  • Min Employees: 3
  • Must be able and willing to Give & Get Value
  • High Integrity
  • Committed to Attending Meetings
  • Business, Gender, Racial, Religious Diversity
  • Full Time Engaged in their business

Not everyone who meets these traits will be accepted and members who don’t meet the current revenue or employee goals may be invited to join dependent on their past experience.

This group is focused on the following goals:

Group Values:

  • Growth – Profitably growing the value of our companies
  • Operational Excellence – Constant focus on improving operational performance
  • Leadership Development – Becoming more effective inspirational leaders
  • Team Building – Building a high-functioning team that works and plays well together
  • Best Possible Exit – Preparing for the best possible exit whether that is to sell the company, to groom managers to allow the member to step away from daily operations while maintaining ownership and income or grooming the next generation of corporate executive management.

If you run a business and you want to be the best leader you can be and you understand the loneliness at the top, find out if you qualify to join us on the 14th

How much does membership cost?

  • Monthly Meetings: $500 ($1,500 3 month deposit required)
  • Optional Online Skype one-to-one: $150 per hour (non-member rate $250)
  • Optional face-to-face one-to-one: $250 per hour (non-member rate $350)

Want to sample a complimentary one-to-one? Qualifying business leaders can arrange a one to one by scheduling it here.

Who am I and why am I qualified to facilitate a peer group?

  • Sales, Marketing, and Top Executive Management since 1979
  • Participated in Multiple IPOs and M&A Events valued over $80 Million
  • 10 Years Working as a Turn-Around CxO for Venture Capital Investors
  • Trained and Qualified By Vistage as a Peer Group Facilitator/Coach
  • Former Vistage Rookie of the Year
  • Over 10 years experience as a Peer Group Facilitator and Business Coach