Join the I Hate Mr. Cranky Club

Hi Folks, there’s a new club forming. It’s the “I Hate Mr. Cranky Club.

A little background. I’ve always had my detractors and haters. When a person is a pig-headed arrogant meat-waffle like I am it’s only natural. Add on that I call out crooks, cheats, and slime and you can multiply the haters club into a battalion of know-nothing shit-stirrers.

Remember the illiterate, chickenshit, weasel who created a blog about Mr. Cranky (see post)? That was the start of a concerted effort to uncover dirt and trash my reputation. The only problem these provocateurs have is I’m a little too squeaky clean to be provoked. I wouldn’t start calling out crooks if I had anything to hide. I’m stupid, just not that stupid. When I started my cranky crook coverage I knew I had to have and maintain a spotless ethics and criminal record. I knew that I would have to keep my nose clean while I was exposing, scam artists, bullshitocrats, and criminals? Especially when some of those crooks like Danny Boice and Matt De Leon are supposed to be private detectives? Don’t you think that if there was some evil in my background, they would have exposed it by now?

So lately, I’ve been assailed with stupid attempts to get to me. For instance, some ass hat, possibly Matt De Leon, tried to get at me by tweeting about a family member (he had a fake name, fake picture).  He alluded to an arrest. Hmmm, I wonder why he can’t find court records and conviction records of a crime? Could it be there was no crime? Could it be shoddy detective work or reporting? Shoddy detective work… hey that sounds like someone at Trustify.

So I’m aware that people are coming at me from multiple angles. I ignore the many phishing expeditions disguised as information inquiries or offers of help.

Like the other day when someone who thought they were dealing with a guy who was born yesterday when he wrote me the following email:

From: Claire Montgomery <>
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2019 5:23 PM
To: Mr Cranky
Subject: Re: Driven Forward Contact Submission from Claire <>

Message Body:  Mr. Glenn Hellman, I have some Information about a Website and a Hacking project that was done and is still being planned against you. I know the people behind it and the companies behind it. Also I have all information on the website drivenbackwards.

To which I responded:

I’d love to know more

A few hours later, my old friend Claire Montgomery responded:

From: Claire Montgomery <>
Date: Thu, Jul 18, 2019, 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: Driven Forward Contact Submission from Claire <>
To: Mr. Cranky

I was looking forward to helping you. To bad, you seeked other help. Now it’s off.

Wow! that just hurts, because I’m sure Matt De Leon, I mean Fake Claire Montgomery, with the brand newly created email address, was a legitimate secret pen pal trying to help me and was not going to attempt to create a dialogue where Matt, I mean Claire would embed some malware in a phishing expedition.

By the way Claire De Leon, according to Grammarly, it’s not “I was looking forward to helping you. To bad, you seeked other help. Now it’s off.” I know when it comes to grammar I live in a glass house but dear Miss Montgomery, seeked help? Is seeked even a word? Next time you try to bullshit someone say “Too bad instead of to bad and sought instead of seeked.”

Interesting that Matt Montgomery, I mean Claire De Leon, I mean Claire Montgomery, knows his way around internet technology and sleuthing.  He used a proxy server with an IP address in Columbia, South America. There aren’t many Columbian, Claire Montgomerys in Columbia and there are even fewer Columbians interested in Mr. Cranky. Damn… I just got another phishy looking web inquiry from another fake person while I am writing this post. It feels good to be this popular.

While I don’t really give a crap about who is behind Claire… the list of folks with a valid grudge is long.

  1. Andy Powers, of Communiclique, has too many other problems on his hands to worry about me. He’s being evicted from his $35 thousand a month house, the FBI repossessed his $70 thousand GMC Tahoe, and he’s currently negotiating a plea bargain with the US Attorney’s office to reduce his jail sentence. I think he’s too busy to worry about Mr. Cranky. He’s too busy to worry about Mr. Cranky.
  2. Danny Boice, of Trustify, has bills to pay, is talking to the feds also trying to keep out of jail. He’s got more pressing problems that Mr. Cranky
  3. Matthew Pugsley, Chalant Health – Matt a convicted Fellon is too busy trying to raise enough money to pay his back child support in time to keep him out of jail. I’m told, three weeks ago the judge gave him five weeks to figure that out. Plus this guy has been evicted from more rental properties in the last 3 years than I’ve made spelling errors in my lifetime. Plus, Matt’s not smart enough to even use the internet. Hell, he studied two weeks straight for his urine test and still failed.

Hell, there are clowns like Paul Singh, or Jonathon Perrelli, or Evan Burfield or Jennifer Mellon or Jan Ridgely. Or it could be some random hater. So, Claire, I don’t care who you are and who is after me. The results of these haters so far have led to comedy and a few fun blog topics. So keep it coming.

My gut and some of the bread crumbs I’ve found seem to indicate it’s Matt De Leon, the disgraced former senior executive of Bankrupt Trustify. It is evident that De Leon is trying to distance himself from the criminal enterprise from which he played a major role (see post). He’s trying to whitewash his sullied reputation and rebuild his career as an investigator and I’ve been a little pebble in that, “Matt’s an Honest Competent Investigator” shoe. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s trying to build a new business, Focus VM. Sounds to me like Focus VM is just sequel to Trustify.

Now I’m probably wrong and this chicken. this spineless, gutless wonder, this douchenozzle who lacks the guts to confront me directly may very well be some other yahoo besides Matt De Leon, but… if it is, Matt, let me remind you that hacking is a crime and Licensed PIs lose their license when they commit crimes. If it is you, Matt, you’re going to need to update your criminal record with the State of Virginia Private Investigator Licensing Authorities. Let me help you with that. Here’s a link to the form.

I welcome anyone, any member of the I Hate Mr. Cranky Club to comment below. Keep those humorous attacks coming.

If you’re a fan, I welcome your comments too.

And Matt De Leon? If it got it wrong… help me correct the record. I’d be happy to defend an innocent victim of my screeds… if there was one.

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