Joanne Boice – Exploited and Terrorized ex-wife of Danny Boice of Trustify

Joanne Boice, married for nine years, was a reportedly faithful stay-at-home wife, and loving mother of two beautiful children. Her life was storybook until she found out her husband of nine years, Danny Boice, CEO of Trustify was having an affair with her best friend and married mother of two, Jennifer Mellon. Joanne’s “friend,” Jen Mellon became pregnant, and she then married Danny then after they were married, they both got divorced from their respective first spouses.

According to Joanne Boice and several witnesses, since the divorce, Danny who lives in a $1.7 Million home, drives a Tesla, has servants, flies on private jets for luxury vacations, has a million dollar beach house, plays Joanne $700 per month in alimony and zero child support to a woman who had not had a job in 9 years. Danny who runs a company that has raised a reported $7 million in venture capital for a Private Investigative startup has sicked his Private Investigators on his wife. Taking pictures of her and their children through windows in their home. She has found GPS tracking devices attached to her car.

Danny has continually bullied her and is now using his economic advantage to terrorize her in the courts to take away her children. Joanne does not have the money to hire an attorney to defend herself against her husband.

Mr. Cranky is asking you to help Joanne Boice raise the money so that she can have representation against her husband is well known as a cheat, an embezzler, and a bully. If you have worked with Danny Boice in the past, you know these truths. If you worked for Speek or Trustify, you have been terrorized and bullied by Joanne Boice’s husband, Danny Boice. If you see the horror of Danny Boice and Jen Mellon, and you want to help make a statement that evil will not be rewarded. Please help Joanne.

Joanne’s sister Debbie Bailey has started a gofundme campaign. She is trying to raise money to help her sister hire an attorney. Please send Danny Boice a message and donate. Anything will help and if you can’t donate, please share the campaign with your network. Find the go fund me campaign here:

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UPDATE December 3, 2018: Today, instead of having to suffer the scrutiny of the open court, Danny Boice signed an agreement to give full legal custody to his ex-wife Joanne. The long nightmare is almost over for Joanne. Almost a year ago Danny sued Jo, for full custody, claiming she was an unfit mother. Joanne counter-sued. Danny dropped the case when he found he had to provide Trustify financials as part of the discovery process. 

Joanne, tired of being bullied by Boice and concerned about Danny’s mental state and fitness as a parent, continued with her suit. Danny was sanctioned for still not complying with the court order to provide Trustify financials. Eventually he caved and signed an order.

Yet it isn’t over… because in January, there will be a court date to set child support. As of today, Danny has late with and has yet to pay his November child support.

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