Jennifer Mellon Generously Donates Stolen Money

Jennifer Mellon, the co-founder, former President and Board Member of Trustify, a company that was an elaborate Ponzi Scheme that bilked investors out of $18 million dollars. Investors in Trustify accuse Danny Boice and Jen Mellon of embezzling and defrauding investors out of millions of dollars. While the company had very little revenue, Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice paid themselves $200K per year each. It is alleged that Mellon and Boice transferred $750 thousand from Trustify into another account.

The couple allegedly used investor money to buy a $1.6 million home in Alexandria, Virginia and a million dollar vacation home in NJ. They traveled the world in a private NetJet, taking elaborate vacations with company money. Had a company paid, maid, nanny, groundskeepers, and chauffeur.

Millions of investor cash evaporated into thin air thanks to Jen Mellon and Danny Boice. Jennifer generously donated investor money to charities like the Campagna Center. She leveraged those investments to develop a relationship with an active member of the Compagna team, Rebbeca Chatterjee. Then Jennifer Mellon leveraged that relationship to land a job with Ms. Chatterjee’s husband, Neil Chatterjee, the commissioner of FERC. Mellon was generous with the money she stole from investors and she used those donations to navigate a soft landing when the Trustify house of cards came down. Jen Mellon’s only qualification for this highly paid government job appears to be her ability to donate investor money in a pet charity of her new boss.

Trustify is no more, the investors are trying to recover any assets that still exist. Jen Mellon and Danny Boice were forced to sell their homes. Now the couple is separated, and Boice is indigent. While his estranged wife Jen Mellon cleverly donated investor money and used those donations to emerge unscathed from Trustify Bankruptcy. Just last month, she was a sponsor of a Campagna event… generously donating Trustify Investor money.

Anchorage Capital, as you attempt to recover your $6 million loss in Trustify… make sure you track Jennifer Mellon’s proceeds from the sale of real estate. She had 100% ownership in the NJ vacation home purchased with your money. She used your money to get herself a job… maybe you should garnish her wages.

As co-conspirators, Jen Mellon and Danny Boice of Trustify lived a lavish life. Now that the company has failed, it appears that only Boice is suffering the consequences. Danny Boice confided in a post on the blogging platform Medium and in a recent court appearance that he is being investigated by the FBI. It is important that the FBI and Investors like Anchorage realize that Jennifer Mellon was an equal partner in the embezzlement and fraud that was Trustify. And while it’s nice that she’s so charitable… it sure is easy to be charitable with other peoples money.

If you have any information that could lead law enforcement authorities to help convict Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice of these crimes… please contact me here and I will introduce you to the proper authorities.