Jennifer Mellon FERC

Jennifer Mellon FERC. Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner, Neil Chatterjee, hired Jen Mellon, a woman absent any positive business accomplishments of note, with no educational qualifications, and no real-world experience. It boggles the mind to think that Mellon, who in her two last roles, ran two organizations into bankruptcy is somehow qualified to be the commissioner’s confidential assistant. I don’t blame you, Neil Baby, I’d keep it confidential too, if I had hired my wife’s friend and that friend was eminently unqualified for the job, I’d want that to be confidential too.

Check out her resume. Jennifer Mellon FERC, has absolutely no background nor education in energy.  Jennifer’s only successful experience to date was separating investors and charitable donors from their cash.  Over the years Jen Mellon has been living large spending other peoples money. She’s stolen money from charitable donors, investors, and now she’ has the opportunity to steal from taxpayers.

Jennifer Mellon FERC, last two jobs ended in disaster. Mellon graduated from Bucknell University with a B.A. degree in international relations and Chinese in 2004. After graduating, Jen Mellon joined the Joint Council on International Children’s Services, an organization that was founded in the 1970s and succeeded to continuously operate until Jennifer Mellon took the helm as executive director. Mellon mismanaged the organization into bankruptcy. After 40 years of providing services Mellon failed the organization and it closed in 2015 (see article).

She then went on to cofound Trustify, originally and more aptly named FlimFlam. This month, Trustify Investors petitioned a court to shut the company down and to recover any assets. In addition, Trustify investors allege the company and its officers, including Mellon and her estranged 2nd husband Danny Boice, defrauded investors and embezzled funds (see this post).

She used that company’s her personal bank account using investor money to rack up over $1 million in PR expenses to build her personal brand and win meaningless awards like Forbe’s 100 most intriguing women who worked hard for this to say this about them. She took company funded multi-week vacations staying in luxury villas in exotic locations like the Italian Riviera. She flew everywhere for business and personal on company paid private net jets. She lived in a $2 million dollar home in Alexandria in which she paid cash after the investors invested $5 million cash in the company. She purchased a million dollar NJ beach house.

She and her husband had company-paid personal staff that included, Maid, Nanny, Groundskeeper, and Chauffer. And now her company is broke.

One tip from a commenter on this post below speculates, “she is ‘friends’ with this guy’s wife from when they lived in Alexandria & were involved with Campagna center.” The tipster asks why a Trump appointee would hire Mellon, who actively supported Hillary Clinton against Trump and who proudly displays a photo of Mellon with Hillary? The tipster recommends that Mrs. Rebecca Chatterjee watch her back. Jennifer Mellon has a history of romantic entanglements with the husbands of friends. Be careful Rebecca Chatterjee that Jen doesn’t replace you as Lady Chatterjee’s lover (For a history of her conquests see this post).

I ask you, Neil Chatterjee, what education or real-world experience except for the ability to ruin companies, does Jennifer Mellon FERC bring to the table that qualifies her to serve as the confidential assistant to the Commissioner?  Unless ruining two companies was one of the requirements.  Niel buddy, you got some splaining to do!

In the last four months, here are just some of the issues uncovered at Jennifer’s last company.

Is it possible that Niel Chatterjee could hire someone less qualified and less ethical… probably… but his boss, already had a job.

See FERC Listing.

UPDATE: March 28, 2019 – When Rod Kuckro, a reporter from E&E News inquired Jennifer Mellon’s and Trustify’s legal problems,  a FERC spokesperson responded, “Jennifer Mellon is not a party to the lawsuit filed against Trustify last week. She’s been legally separated from Danny Boice and has not been employed by the company since last year.”

Get that? Mellons defense is that she left her husband, and the company after the crimes were committed but before they were discovered. Hey Danny Boice! She’s going to throw you under the bus!!!!

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