Jen Mellon is Unfaithful

Mr. Cranky opens up his mail today. And today’s entry from Mr. Cranky’s mailbag is from a first time writer who submits the case that Jen Mellon is unfaithful. I’m sorry fans, but Mr. Cranky doesn’t control his incoming mail so once again we talk the Trustify Danny Boice and Jen Mellon story.

Many people will tell me that this is a tawdry tale that has nothing to do with business. As a business coach, I will tell you that I have dealt with failed execution based on a business principal going through marital distress. A company, even a good company can be in trouble when the leader is going through personal strife. In the case of Trustify, a case where the two most senior executives are married to eachother, that marital stress can destroy a company. This is a story that affects the business.

What is Faith? Jen Mellon, alleged co-founder of Trustify proclaims to be a woman of faith. She claims to be born again. Yet all who know her intimately will share that Jen Mellon is unfaithful to her faith.

Jen Mellon cheats and lies to her investors. She uses money intended to build Trustify for personal use. For a lavish life. Jen Mellon is unfaithful as a corporate officer to her investors.

Jen Mellon abuses her employees. Jen Mellon is unfaithful to her employees.

Jen Mellon is unfaithful to her husbands, boyfriends, fiancés, and friends. Jen Mellon is unfaithful to her friends and lovers.

Jen Lies about her Family Ties with the real Mellon Family

Update July 6th, 2018: Jen is a social climber. She’s always looked to upgrade. In fact, she ofter self identifies to be a member of the prestigious Mellon Family. Funny story there. Jen was at a party when she mentioned to someone that she was a “Mellon.” Then the lady who Jen was speaking with said, “Wow, do you know my friend Bunny Mellon?” Whoops! Social climbing Jen got bagged! Jen is more closely related to a cantaloupe melon than the Andrew Mellon/BNY Mellons.

More evidence? Today, I received the following anonymous email. I can not vouch for the accuracy of it. I can attest that the words in this email ring true based on interviews with nearly a dozen individuals who have known and been close to Jennifer Mellon over the years.

Dear Mr. Cranky,

Thank you for shedding a much needed light on Jen Mellon & Danny Boice. They are truly the worst kind of soul mates. Are you aware of Jen’s history at Bucknell?

It pales in comparison to how they’re tearing Joanne, and running their company, but does show her pattern of being a horrible human being (Mr. Cranky Note, Joane Boice was Jen’s neighbor and good friend and the wife of Mellon’s current husband).

  1. she had her sights set on becoming a member of the Tri-Delta sorority when she got to campus. The Tri-Delta did not accept her, so she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma but made her mission to exact revenge. She got herself on the Panhellenic board and proceeded to go after Tri-Delt with avengence, and eventually succeeded in getting The Whole chapter kicked off campus. (The chapter had been at Bucknell since 1904.)
  2. “If she cheats with you, she’ll cheat on you.” While at Bucknell, Jen became engaged to a classmate named Pat A. The wedding was fully planned and was to take place in the Bucknell chapel. Shortly before the wedding, Jen hooked up with Pat’s fraternity brother, Eli Peterson. Jen then dumped Pat, left all the wedding plans in place, and just inserted a new groom—Eli. She was with Eli until she ditched him for a guy who (seemed to have) more money to fund the lifestyle to which she felt entitled.

Thank you for all that you’re doing!

(Note: I was able to confirm that both Pat A. and Eli Peterson attended Bucknell at the same time as Jen Mellon. Jen did Mary Eli, and then cheated on him and got pregnant, married Danny and then divorced Eli.)

Update July 6th, 2018: Jen Married Eli Peterson and then dumped him for Danny Boice. Now all three of them Danny, Jennifer Mellon and Eli Peterson pal around. Eli doesn’t seem to mind being the cuckold. It would seem that Danny Boice is about to be the next jilted sucker on Mellon’s list. She’s looking for an upgrade (intellectually anything would be an upgrade from Danny). Jen was able to take the tattoed punk and put him in a pink pair of Vinyard Vine shorts, cover up his tats, take off his stupid hat. but she wasn’t able to pull off the full pygmalion, he’s still a low-brow, moronic, thuggish oaf pretending to be part of the landed gentry.

Word is around the Boice/Mellon Country club that Jen is frustrated with Danny’s inability to advance the company. People say that she is spending time at the club with a new fellow who has better prospects than Danny.  There’s probably a good reason that through two marriages, Jennifer Mellon has retained her name. Is she about to be Mrs. Mellon to a new man? A socially more acceptable and intellectually more accomplished 3rd husband.

Update: February 17, 2019 – Another former Bucknell Classmate weighed in after reading the article:

Just wanted to say I appreciate your ongoing pursuit to shine a light on the fraud of both Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice. I recently read your blog on Jen as. cheater. Many of your points are spot on. How do I know… I was a classmate at Bucknell. There is sooooo much more to the story, how she coaxed and seduced Eli for his money. He comes from a very wealthy family. How she ruined Pat A, she literally slept her way through Sig Epsilon fraternity and the football team. But then would wear her cable knit sweater, button-up shirt with a popped collar and parade around the campus like she shit roses.

Before you invest your money in a company run by someone who has hurt so many, a person who proclaims her faith while embracing the seven deadly sins:

  1. Lust – Constant extramarital infidelity
  2. Gluttony – Can never have enough
  3. Greed – Constant pursuit of other’s money and the trappings of wealth at all costs
  4. Sloth – Rarely goes to work, uses the company money to hire servants to take care of her kids and home. Not willing to do the hard work to really succeed.
  5. Wrath – Abusing her former friend and the ex-wife of the husband she stole (Please support Joanne Boice and her gofundme campaign to keep her children. Linke here) and her revenge on Tri-Delt.
  6. Envy – She wants what other’s have and she takes it.
  7. Pride – Puffs up herself with a false narrative.

Before you decide to trust her with money, your career, your friendship or your heart… remember Jen Mellon is unfaithful.

Karma may not exist as a mystical force in the universe. Danny Boice and his wife Jen Mellon are cursed by the large number of people who they have wronged. Jen Mellon is an unfaithful woman of faith. The weight of her life of evil is coming back to bite her as people come out of the woodwork to reveal the blackness of her heart.

Update September 25, 2018: Things at the Boice/Mellon household appear to be deteriorating faster than anticipated as Jen has been seen around town canoodling a Mr. SR, a  VP at a Major Insurance Company who is recently estranged from his wife. That’s the happy couple in the first picture on the left and together in the second picture. Trading up, she won’t have to put lipstick on this new pig and he’s reportedly much more intelligent than Danny Boice who once lost a trivia contest to a turnip.

On the Left, Jen Mellon and SR

If I was an investor in this company, I’d be worried that the retroactive co-founder, Jen Mellon and her husband, Danny Boice are heading to marital issues that could destroy a company which is nothing more than a weak house of cards.

If I was the courts, hearing Danny Boice argue why he should have full custody of the children from his first marriage. I’d wonder if Danny’s unstable marital situation, coupled with a fact that he is under investigation for fraud makes him unsuitable as a parent. Help Danny’s Ex-Wife by donating to her legal defense fund here: GofundMe for Joanne Boice

Update October 1: According to multiple tipsters, Jen has moved out of the house with Danny Boice and is living back with her first ex-husband, yes the guy she cheated with when she jilted her College fiance… Eli.

Meanwhile, Jen continues with her modus operandi of befriending a woman and then stealing her husband. Jen was friends with Mr. Insuarance VP, initials SR, and then SR and his wife (Jen’s Friends) separated. Now Jen’s dating the guy.

Update: 3/28/2019: Mellon and Boice are now legally separated and have filed for divorce. Apparently, Rebecca Chatterjee, wife of Neil Chatterjee, Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission helped Jen, now calling herself Jennifer Mellon get a job as a confidential assistant to the Commissioner. Look out, Rebecca! Jen tends to covet successful husbands.

Update: 8/26/2019: Jennifer Mellon met Rebecca Chatterjee, the wife of her new boss through working with the Compagna Center. On May 5th, Mellon her Ex-Husband Eli Peterson and her BF, Mr. SR were all in attendance at a Compagna Center Event. Pictured Above

Jen’s rumored ex-boyfriend Mr. S. R. (Blue Shirt) and her ex-husband Eli Peterson (White Shirt)

Jen Mellon in the Pink Dress

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