Jason Feimster the Clown Prince of Venture Capital

Great News for DCTech! Jason Feimster, the clown prince of Venture Capital is back in business! His website is back up. It’s still a cheap ass, low-rent, Wix-based web site. It still features a ton of plagiarized content (See the Clown Prince of Venture Capitals plagiarizing post). Feimster’s page is still riddled with lies. But, let me say this in defense of the Clown Prince of Venture Capital’s website if it was compared to the underlying, “Business,” if the website was a novel it would be, War and Peace, while the business is 50 Shades of Feces (Jason, here’s a link to help you figure out what the word “Feces” means).

For some strange reason, cough, cough lack of money, Jason’s website went AWOL in June. Maybe after being fully invested, he had a cash flow problem and couldn’t pay his $6 monthly web hosting fee (see post). I’m told, but can’t verify that his last fund was fully invested when he invested the last nickel in a pack of juicy fruit gum. So he closed 3Si Holdings Fund I. The crack investigative reporting team at Driven Forward was able to obtain the actual complete Fund I portfolio. Here it is:

  • One pack of Juicy Fruit gum
  • One Snickers Bar (half-eaten)
  • Two buttons from a sports coat found in the dressing room of a TJ Max
  • A single sock found in the gutter on the corner of Route 123 and route 7
  • One Strawberry Yo Play yogurt with a sell-by date of August 13, 2012

With Fund I fully invested and positioned for success, Feimster hit the streets raising capital for 3Si Fund II. Word is that while walking down Wilson Blvd, the Clown Prince of Venture Capital, spotted a quarter and 2 nickels, wrestled a homeless woman for the bounty and viola… Fund II was funded.

Now, where can we get the scoop on 3si Micro Ventures Mini Holdings? Is there an independent source? Well, if Jason Feimster the Clown Prince of Venture Capital was a Venture Capitalist, we could go to the National Venture Capital Association NVCA… but nope, no info there. We could check Angel List or Crunchbase, but that’s where you find information on boring traditional VCs. If you’re looking for the Bozo of Sand Hill Road, you go to Yelp where you’d find 3 reviews. 3Si is a one Star! Here’s the 3Si Yelp page!

The biggest difference between Feimster’s old site and the new site is there is no team. As President Trump would say…. #SAD (See the 3si Team)

Recently one of my readers (yes DC with an S, I have two readers, not just a reader) alerted me that the Clown Prince was still holding Telephone Pitch events and they could be found on his Facebook Page. For instance, I sat and listened to a zoom conference, no video pitch event on June 19th. I have to say, Feimster was just as bumbling, feeble and inept as ever. In the month he was missing, he obviously didn’t take any “How To Sound Like A VC” classes at Wharton. He sounded just as inexperienced, inarticulate and clueless as he did when he ran those video events (see this post. Note: The Clown Prince of Venture Capital left those damning videos up for months before he realized the damage they did. The videos have been removed).  If you folks are looking for a good laugh, I recommend you monitor 3si’s Facebook page and sit in when the Crown Prince of Venture Capital holds court. It’s a hoot!!!

Oh, and if you’ve dealt with 3Si… make sure to review them on Yelp!

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