Jason Feimster is not a VC

Jason Feimster is not a VC, how can you tell? Let me count the ways.

  1. Do you have eyes?
  2. Do you have ears?
  3. Do you have internet access and know how to use Goggle.
  4. Do you have a brain that functions?

That should be enough. Just looking at Jason Feimster should tell you Jason Feimster is not a VC. Hearing him pretend to be a VC should be a tip. A little internet research would tell you. Providing you have a functioning brain and the ability to reason, any sensible human should know that Jason Feimster is a lot of things… none of them are a Venture Capitalist. Jason Feimster is not a VC.

Feimster seemed to go away for a while. His website for 3Si Holdings has been pared back. It still has plagiarized articles.  He has removed his team slide after everyone on the team said get us off your damn team slide… we don’t want our names associated with a clown like you!

Here are some other signs that Jason Feimster is not a VC.

  1. Jason Feimster asks people to sign NDA’s. Real VC’s don’t do NDA’s
  2. Jason Feimster trolls for deals on Facebook begging people to pitch him. Real VC’s don’t need to beg entrepreneurs to tell them about their stupid ideas. For instance, I watched Jason listen to a woman pitch him Vagina make-up and he told her he thought it was a brilliant idea. Maybe because he’s such a vagina.
  3. Real VC’s aren’t plagiarists… Jason Feimster is a Plagiarist
  4. Real VCs don’t have 2, different 1 person Venture Funds – Juliet Foxtrot Ventures and 3Si Ventures that haven’t ever invested a real penny in anything
  5. Real VC’s don’t have a Yelp page… Jason does.
  6. Real VC’s aren’t full of shit…. oh wait, Maybe Feimster is a VC…

Here’s the thing folks. Feimster is back, he’s trolling across multiple Venture Capital Facebook groups where he tries to get people to pitch to him. Then he’s going to charge you money and apply for stacked credit cards. He’ll get you $100K in credit card debt by getting you 10 credit cards with a $10K credit limit and he’s going to charge you for that. He doesn’t have a penny to invest. So save your time.

If you are an entrepreneur and you can’t get attention from legitimate angel’s or VC’s and all of a sudden, some pretend VC pays attention to you… it’s natural that you would drop your guard. Don’t. Desperation leads to flawed thinking. Jason Feimster is not a Venture Capitalist. Jason Feimster is not a VC. Jason Feimster is the Clown Prince of Venture Capital. I’m not saying he’s good for nothing… he’s good for a laugh.