It’s a Small World

NOOOO! Not like that crappy ride at Disney World…. cue the music that you will never get out of your head.

It’s a small world after all

It’s a small world after all

It’s a small world after all

It’s a small, small world.

Or watch the video and you can curse me later after the song gets stuck in your head like that stupid ass Cars For Kids Song,  that assures I will drive my old car into a lake before I donate to them for a tax deduction (email listers can see the video here).

No, it’s not that kind of small world it’s more like the comedian Stephen Wright’s small world.

It’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it. — Steven Wright

Here’s some Steven Wright to take the edge off of the Disney crap (email listers, can link here).

What brought this up?

Today Mrs. Cranky was returning from a Ski Trip out west. She had an interesting discussion with her Uber driver who was taking her to the Airport. The driver was a well educated and obviously entrepreneurial.  And then this happened.

Driver, “…and I’m also a business coach.”

Mrs. Cranky, “oh, like a Vistage Coach?”

Driver, “yes, how did you know?”

Mrs. Cranky, “My husband, Glen use to be a Vistage Coach in DC.”

Driver, “Wait, is he Mr. Cranky?”

Mrs. Cranky, “Yes! How did you know?”

Driver, “I was on the phone with him last week.”

A couple of weeks ago the driver googled Vistage and found my “Why I Quit Vistage” post and then scheduled a call.

It’s a small world, yes but I wouldn’t want to paint it.

Donnie Dotter

No OF, I’m not the Blond

That’s not the first time I ran into an Uber driver with whom I had a connection. When I was traveling for business in San Francisco some time back. I got to talking with the driver when he revealed that he played football at the University of Maryland (during the same period of time that Mr. Cranky embarrassingly admits he was a cheerleader which is not quite as embarrassing as referring to oneself in the third person), the same time I was there. We have 100 or more people in common on Facebook. Check Donnie’s listing in the Washington County Sports Hall of Fame.

Probably the biggest small world story in my business travels. I was in London, interviewing people for a General Manager Job of Europe. One day as I was walking out of the lobby of the hotel, I ran into a woman who was the mom and was one of my son’s classmates back in Maryland. We talked, she was the CFO of a company and she was in London negotiating the acquisition of the company.

The next night, I went to dinner with my ex-wife’s brother. He was the CFO for a GE company in London. He mentioned that he had dropped a woman off at my hotel the night before. He had dinner with the woman who was the CFO of a company that GE was about to acquire.

Finally, I use to commute to Denver from DC when I ran a company out of Denver. One Friday night, when I got on the plane home, I sat next to a gentleman and we talked for about 20 minutes before I said… wait a minute? Are you Chuck Roth? He said, yes.  You were my first boss out of college at Lexitron (the same Chuck Roth mentioned in this article).

It’s a small world but… I wouldn’t want to paint it.