Is Robert Katz a Deadbeat?

Robert Katz, is he a deadbeat? That’s the assertion made in a GoFundMe campaign opened-up in December 2018 by 22 people who say Mr. Katz owes them a total of $79 thousand.

Deadbeat? That’s the opinion of these 22 people who may be biased because Robert Katz stiffed them.  To get an unbiased opinion I went to the one man who knows Rober Katz like no other… Rober Katz.

According to Bob’s LinkedIn and Crunchbase pages, in addition to Deadbeat, Robert wants you to know that he’s a:

  • Pioneer
  • Cyber Warrior
  • Rocket Scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Solutioneer
  • Protector
  • Drone-Jockey
  • Rescuer
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Spark
  • global cyber-innovator
  • business-builder

Bob’s LinkedIn says he’s been the executive director of the Cyber Science Institute since 1987. The Cyber Science Institute’s LinkedIn page says it was founded in 1989. You know what kind of person starts a job at a place two years before it was ever founded? I’ll tell you… a Pioneering, Cyber Warrioring, Rocket Scientisting, Entreprenuring, Solutioneering, Protectoring, Drone-Jockeying, Rescuing, Speaking, Authoring, Sparking, Global Cyber Innovating, Business Builder… that’s who!

Really, that’s some Pioneering, Rocket Scientist, time shifting magic! I’m impressed.

The Linkedin page for the Cyber Science Institute says the companies web site can be found at this URL: A quick link to the web site yields a, No Such Site, error message.

Guess what… you can buy… it’s available! I guess Rober Katz skipped out on a couple other bills.

I don’t know if Robert Katz is a good guy or a bad guy or just a guy who is over-extended and trying to survive. According to the GoFundMe campaign,

“Two of us loaned him $15,900 in 2016. He claimed he was about to be evicted and he would repay the money in one month. He lied to Amex saying one of the charges was for “business investment consulting svs. The consulting was COMPLETED.” 9 months after the loan, he admitted in writing he owed Mark by saying “DUHHHH of course I owe you the money”.

On a call with one of us in April 2018, he claimed he is the victim, and can’t talk because of stipulations of his lawyers, and he could have declared bankruptcy to wipe out his debt but that wouldn’t be the right thing to do, and he didn’t understand why we were taking this personal (despite his non-payments causing us all personal harm including interfering with a custody battle and hurting our personal credit). He said his modus operandi is to pay people and have amazing relationships, but these are anomalous to last 3-4 years (so it’s likely he’s stiffed more than 22 people).”

There is some evidence that Robert Katz has a history of stiffing vendors. One such proof point is a $14.7 thousand judgment in favor of Justice Consulting LLC.

I don’t know if Robert Katz is a bad guy or just an overextended good guy whose path to hell is paved with good intentions. What I do know, is that if you are going to do any work for this guy, you might want to get cash upfront.

Find out more on this GoFundMe page.

Update April 4, 2019: Here’s a tweet from an unhappy creditor.



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