IRS Should Investigate Danny Boice

The IRS Should Investigate Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, and Trustify… why? I’ve got tons of reasons.

  1. When Danny Worked for Speek, he went on a business trip to Las Vegas… he reportedly disappeared for several days.  Former co-workers at Speek say that Danny’s wife (his current ex wife who was married to Boice when he worked at Speek) was worried about his disappearance and made a missing persons report to the police. When Danny finally showed up, it was apparent that he was out partying in Vegas and he had expensed $40,000 on his company credit card.  That is the reason Danny was fired from Speek. It is also a contributing factor to why Speek failed. The IRS should investigate Danny Boice to ensure that he claimed that $40,000 as income.
  2. Danny and his Wife, Jen Melon take frequent expensive exotic vacations paid for by Trustify. He and his wife, Jen Melon fly on private jets. Stay in high priced resorts and Trustify pays for these trips. The IRS should investigate Danny Boice and Jen Melon for tax fraud. Those trips are not business trips. Those trips should be declared as income and Investors should sue Boice and Melon for fraud.
  3. Danny Boice and Jen Melon use Trustify employees to perform personal services, like home care and babysitting. They are using investor money from the company to pay for personal expenses. The IRS should investigate Danny Boice and Jen Melon for cheating investors and taxpayers. The corporate expenses they claim should appear as income. The FBI should investigate the couple for embezzlement.
  4. According to publically available court documents, Danny pays only $700 per month to his ex-wife. Danny had an adulterous affair with his ex-wife’s friend… Danny’s current wife Jen Melon. Both Danny and Jen cheated on their spouses prior to getting divorced and married. Danny cheated on and left his first wife and only pays her $700 per month in alimony. He pays no child support for the two children he fathered with his ex. Why does he pay only $700? Because he claimed that he was broke. Yet Danny owns a $1.6 Million dollar house in an exclusive neighborhood in Alexandria. He owns million dollar beach properties in New Jersey. I’m confident that Danny is paying taxes on the kind of income that allows him to continue to only pay $700 in alimony which would never qualify for him mortgages on the properties he owns.

Link here to see this running total of Danny Boice’s criminal activity.

The IRS needs to investigate Danny Boice and his scumbag wife Jen Mellon of Trustify. It is obvious to everyone familiar with the Trustify that the company which is not profitable, hemorrhaging cash cannot afford to pay Danny Boice and Jen Mellon the kind of income to support this lifestyle. Neither of these two cheating scam artists had enough savings or means of support to support their current lavish lifestyle. Trustify is a Dumpster fire.Danny and Jen view the companies investors as their personal sugar daddies and are using investor money to live like royalty.

Furthermore, the accountants and employees who are aware of the financial abuses of these two scam artists need to either report these abuses to the authorities or be charged as co-conspirators for defrauding investors and the IRS. Danny, want to know your worst nightmare? You’ve mistreated so many people and they are about to be your downfall. You are under the false impression that people who have the inside knowledge of your crimes will stay silent because you have them under an NDA. Now I know you flunked out of James Madison University in your Freshman year so you’re not that well educated so let me explain something to you. NDA’s won’t protect you from people testifying in court and Danny and Jenny… you will be in court and those people who you have hurt are going to have their sweet revenge.