Investing In A Stinking Sinking Trustify Ship

Anybody interested in investing in a Stinking Sinking Trustify Ship? The thing was always a dog, run by two lying crooks, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon. Today, it’s so far underwater it would have to be a submarine… no one of those deep sea diving bells if it wasn’t going to be crushed into non-existence. This stinker has sunk lower than whale shit.

The company never had the revenues to support the payroll and lifestyle of the two founders. Funded by investor money in  place of profits, the two founders used company money to pay for:

  • Housekeeper
  • Landscapers
  • Personal Assistant
  • A Chauffer/Body Guard
  • Beach House in NJ
  • 2 Million Dollar house in Alexandria
  • Net Jets Private Travel
  • Country Club
  • Exclusive Private Schools for their kids
  • Personal Lawyers for their family law issues.

But the last month:

Seems like a good investment… but out there raising money… he’ll probably use that for a legal defense fund… this fraudulent, hustler will either be on the lamb to join his buddy Andy Powers, or he’s going to be doing some jail time.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff, Elizabeth Klimp, tells me she’s left the company, Here’s what she sent me.

To: Glen
From: Elizabeth

Message Body:
I no longer work for Trustify or Danny Boice. Please remove me from your blog.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Klimp

I’m sorry Elizabeth, while I have sheltered other peoples name, they were grandfathered in. I hadn’t yet publicized the Trustify issues. Although I have been informed that you were an honest and positive force at the company and that you left after discovering malfeasance on the part of Danny Boice and Jen Mellon. I’m glad you are no longer with the firm and although I won’t remove your name from my posts, I will assist you any way I can in pursuing a career with a reputable firm.

There is no one left at this dog, except Danny and Danny isn’t bright enough to be a contestant in a goat rodeo much less run a real company.  So investors… here’s the Trustify pitch book.  Go ahead and burn your money!!!!

Profile from Pitchbook

Provider of an on-demand private investigator platform intended to connect clients across the United States to a unique network of highly trained vetted private investigators. The company’s platform offers real-time observation and digital monitoring, enabling clients to get confidential investigation services at an affordable price. Note: Banned from doing business in multiple states including their home state of Virginia. Low priced and not enough users.

Formerly known as Flim Flam. Note: Haha, I wonder why they Flim Flam man, Danny Boice, changed his Flim Flam company name?

Business Status Generating Revenue. Note: Revenue is minimal, this is more like a pre-revenue company with Fortune 500 expenses.
Ownership Status Privately Held (backing) Note: As PT Barnum once said, there’s a sucker born every minute.
Financing Status Venture Capital-Backed
Year Founded 2015
Employees 33 – Note: More like one!

For those of you who have a horrible idea that you would like to get funded. For those of you reading this who would rather cheat a stupid investor than build a real business. Here’s Danny’s list of people he counts as suckers… rubes… Johns. Here’s a partial list of some of the idiots that invested in Danny Boice.

Investor List

  • Adam Besvinick
  • Addula Narotham
  • Alex Waislitz
  • Alexandra Stanton
  • Andrea Turner Moffitt
  • Andrew Peattie
  • Andy Powers
  • Asher Leids
  • Avez Rizvi
  • Barry Usher
  • Bob Batchelor
  • Chance Barnett
  • Christian Busch
  • Christopher Sacca
  • Crowdfunder Partners
  • Dave McClure
  • David Rounick
  • Dean Parker
  • Deborah Jackson
  • Douglas Perednia
  • Drew Montgomery
  • Duane Gabriel
  • Edward Shin
  • Elizabeth Galbut
  • Eric Lederman
  • Eric Livingston
  • Eric Menk
  • Ethan S. Keswin
  • Gilberto De Jesus-Rentas
  • Henry Kaestner
  • Ibrahim Y Rashdan
  • Ita Ekpoudom
  • Itamar Novick
  • Jackson Dahl
  • Jacob Shea
  • Jeff Kelley
  • Jeff Rich
  • Jillian Manus
  • Joe Tadros
  • John Kupferschmid
  • John Moyer
  • Julie Smith
  • Kam Desai
  • Kar Mun Wong
  • Katie Talati
  • Lawrence Weisman
  • Lewis Golden
  • Marc Grossman
  • Marlene Israel
  • Martin Casey
  • Matthew Lloyd
  • MD Ghumman
  • Mike Pumo
  • Patrick Kershaw
  • Paul Nash
  • PCA Reporting
  • Peter Kavounas
  • Phil Nadel
  • Pilot Grove
  • Pocket Sun
  • Rob Ness
  • Ryan Delk
  • Scott Hendrick
  • Seed Invest
  • Senaka Balasuriya
  • SLOW Ventures
  • Stacy (Anastasia) Kelly
  • Syed Ishaq
  • Tim Lee
  • Val Mendeleev
  • Vikash Kumar
  • Will Quist

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