The Introvert App Economy

Uber’s success? Chalk it up to the introvert app economy.

GrubHub’s success? You got it… it’s the introvert app economy.

Online ordering on Starbucks? Once again, it’s the introvert app economy.

In a recent discussion with my son, I posited to him my theorem on the inevitable failure babysitter and handyman apps. My position is that good babysitters or handymen are already overbooked. The last thing they need to do is pay someone to find them a gig when they are habitually overbooked.

And then he pointed out to me that as a millennial, he uses apps in order to avoid interacting with humans. He says millenniums prefer machine interaction to human interaction. What I heard was that millennials are essentially introverts. That’s why you don’t leave a voice mail to a millennial… instead you either wait for them to call you back because their mobile phone signals that you called or you text them. Actually, why the hell are you calling them anyway when you could have texted them?

Why’s Tinder successful? It’s a way of dating without first having to talk to the other party. Heck, kids these days don’t even have sex in person anymore they just sext.

Now that’s an interesting theory… just look at the buy side. When I’m in New York, surrounded by taxis, I summon an uber. Why? Because I don’t have to tell the driver where I’m going and I don’t have to go through the social interaction of payment (I know, I know, I’m a few years past millennial status).  So yes, I think my son is on to something. A major factor in the App Economy is the Introvert App Economy phenomenon.

On the other hand, even if that’s true on the buy side, the sell side, quality babysitters, the exceptional handymen don’t need no stinkin app to siphon off a cut of the revenue to book time they don’t have available. Therefore even though the buy side may be lining up the sell side is not available.

This is doubly true for a dumb app like Trustify… even if it worked, even if Danny Boice wasn’t a crooked fraudster. Let’s face it Danny Boice can’t even run a bath so why would anyone think he could run a company? Even if the company was run by an honest person with a half a brain. Trustify is a stupid idea because unlike uber, which I use 3 – 8 times a month, I have never hired a private investigator (PI). For things I might use once or twice in a lifetime there is the old google machine… google “private investigator.

By the way, good private eyes are like good babysitters, they don’t need an app to get business. Good PIs couldn’t afford to do good work at the low Trustify pay rates. Incidentally, Trustify pay’s their PI’s nothing, as in zero, as in nada, as in zilch, according to 7 PIs and multiple current and former Trustify employees tell me… PI’s aren’t getting paid. Also, Trustify is the perfect company for people who hate talking to people because they stopped paying their phone bill, and the phone company turned off their phones.

Trustify aside, the growth of the app economy can be attributed to introverted millennials… it’s all part of the Introvert App Economy.