Introspective Leadership – An AdvisoryCloud Tale

Great leaders are Introspective. They listen. They are open to feedback and they are not afraid to admit when they are wrong. One leadership expert could not have said it better when he said,

Strategic introspection, which consists of purposely examining one’s own motivations, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and emotional triggers, is a crucial element of leadership development, In fact, sense of self should be the first step in leadership development. It is common to hear leaders ask “Why does my staff or team member behave this way?” It is less common to hear leaders ask “How does my behavior manifest in this organization?” – Don the Leadership Expert

You’d think a leadership “thought leader” as enlightened as Don would be open to feedback and “strategic introspection.” Yet when he tweeted out,

“I’m now available as an Adisor on AdvisoryCloud. You can request a meeting with me here if you’re ever seeking advice.”


You think he’d be thankful that Mr. Cranky, in his own delicate Mr. Cranky subtle way responded to his tweet with a,

“How’s that working out for you”

and included this link which points out that AdvisoryCloud is a scam and that people who blindly sign up for the service without doing any research may not be qualified to advise anyone on anything.

You’d think he’d welcome introspection… and if you thought that… you would be wrong.

Because as soon as he read my reply tweet, Don tweeted back to me that I should mind my own business and that he is qualified to be on boards because he’s sat on boards. He then deleted that tweet and blocked me. Not quite introspective. Then he blocked me which is a source of pride.

True introspective leaders welcome feedback… even if it points out they might have made a mistake. Hopefully, Don Claire checked out the reputation of the AdvisoryCloud by now. Hopefully, he requested a refund a cancelation of the service and at the very least got the reduction in the rate from $200 per month to $50 per month.

Don’t be embarrassed Don, I’m sure you’re an honest upright citizen and honest people are especially susceptible to scams. Heck, even one of the most dishonest humans on earth, Danny Boice of Trustify fell for the AdvisoryCloud scam. But Don, strong leaders are open to debate, are open to feedback. Even if that feedback may point out they erred. A willingness to admit you screwed up is a strength.

We all make mistakes. Great leaders are quick to recognize their mistakes or willing to defend their decisions. Weak leaders hold their ears and loudly say, lalalalalalalala when they hear hard truths. By the way, blocking me on Twitter is the modern-day equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and loudly singing lalalalalala.

No need to thank me for doing the kind of research and due diligence that any good leader would do. I don’t expect thanks!

Live long and prosper! Don… I hope AdvisoryCloud serves you better than their reviews predict.

For the rest of you, if you’re a strong leader… not afraid to have your bubble popped,  if you seak feedback and strive to be better, If you run a business and you’re always looking to improve. you might want to schedule a one-hour, complimentary, no-obligation, online coaching session. Just schedule a session by pressing that little red button down there.