intentional parenting

Intentional Parenting: Intentional Leadership

I’m a divorced dad. I’m not proud of it. It’s just a fact.

I have been an involved father and yet, splitting time with my kids and their mom, has meant I haven’t always been there. I regret this. It was an acutely difficult decision to leave the home. To miss the simple pleasures of tucking my two boys in to bed every night and waking with them every morning.

Now as I see my two grown sons, both young adults, I realize there was an advantage to living in divided households.

The day I left the marital home I stopped being a man who knew that as I went to work every morning I’d see my kids when I got home. I stopped taking for granted the time we had together. I became an intentional father. Calling them often. Planning events for us to share. Cherishing our time together more than ever.

I was a better father because I was an intentional father.

Leaders are like that. We forget that we lead. We forget how important we are to our team. We take our time with them for granted.

Our people, our teams are the most precious resource our companies possesses. Just like children are the most precious and dear part of a family. As leaders are you taking your team for granted? Are you spending the time with them you should? Are you sending them the best intentional messages with your attitude, body language with your actions.

If you have kids, go home and hug them today and plan to be a more intentional parent. If you lead a team, give that team the proverbial hug….. lead them with intentionality.

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