Intentional Leadership – Leading Through Neuroscience

What is Intentional Leadership? It’s understanding how people really make decisions and modeling the behavior that instills confidence in your followers. Intentional Leadership is developing a leadership checklist of values and being true to those values.

The Intentional Leadership Video is a 40-minute video of the keynote I gave at the StarWest Leadership Summit, October 2017.

 If you can’t see the video, you can link to it here.

Outline of the Presentation:
  • Intro – What is the Difference between Management and Leadership and why is that important
  • The Reptilian Brain – Humans Make Rational Decisions Irrational
  • The Reptilian Brain’s Influence on Choosing Leaders
  • A Construct for Modeling Leadership Behaviors and Values
  • Creating a Leadership Canvas/Check List
  • Summary

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