In with Amify and Out with Trustify

Remember back a few years ago, when Trustify was a thing? Back then Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon were spending their investor’s money like drunken sailors. With big fanfare and much press, these two crooks announced their big office opening on the 8th floor of 201 12th St. South in Crystal City. Then all of a sudden, the companies phones were turned off and one day, people showed up for work and the locks were changed. Trustify was evicted for non-payment. Boice, Mellon and the company were sued by their Landlord, JBG Smith and smith was awarded $263,477.21 by the courts.

If you aren’t up to date on the Trustify Debacle, it’s a long story. Trustify was a start-up that got lots of local and national hype for being the next Uber. It was the Uber of Private Investigators because just like Uber, a thing that users use multiple times a month, everyone needs a private eye two or three times a week. This company raised $20 million dollars and cheated investors out of all that money. Founders Jen Mellon and Danny Boice did not try to build a legitimate business. They built a company that looked shiny, allows them to raise money and then they used that cash on a lavish lifestyle.

What A View

Well a few months ago, a real company. A good company, Amify, led by a real entrepreneur, Ethan McAfee negotiated a sweetheart deal for space. Ethan did right was to hire a relationship-oriented Tennant Rep, Andrew Colangelo. Andrew helped Ethan find a great space, with great terms at prices that won’t drive Ethan’s company into bankruptcy.

Here’s the new deal on the space.

  • 3-year term, with 8 of those months for free
  • luxuriously fully-furnished and wired space
  • $10/sq.ft. in Tenant Improvement (T.I.) Allowance for renovations
  • A killer rental rate for the location

Ethan McAfee as he moves into the office

Do you know what else is in that space now? A can of WhoopAss! I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the new space from the new Tennant, Mr. McAfee. Here are some of the highlights of the tour.

Brooklyn Themed Wall Paper from Danny Boice’s Office

What a wannabe tatted cool guy. Danny Boice had this Brooklyn Themed Wall Paper featuring the Brooklyn Bridge, A Hasidic Guy walking around town, The Cyclone Roller Coaster (which is another name for the Trustify story) and of course Biggy Smalls wearing a crown.

Funky Chandelier

This tacky chandelier was a feature of Biggy Small Danny Boice’s office. Notice the dark green walls and the Brooklyn wallpaper inside the framed wainscotting.

Breaking Bad Poster

Of course, when you’re a bad-ass like Mr. Boice, you need to have a Breaking Bad poster in your office.

Overdone… is this from the Beverly Hillbillies Living Room? Is this what poor people think rich people decorations look like?

I have to thank Ethan McAfee for awarding me with three of the following keepsakes from the Trustify reign of terror.

This was the sign on Danny’s Office Door

So here’s the lesson I learned. Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice were spending other’s people money and wasted it on office space for their money-losing online startup. A startup that had very few employees one in which the customers never visited the office. In fact, Danny and Jen rarely visited the office. But, hey, it wasn’t their money.

Thanks to them, and to the misfortune of landlord JBG Smith, Amify, a real company, that is bootstrapped, self-funded, and profitable, was able to pick up a sweet deal! Amity which hadn’t raised money until March of this year has a real CEO who doesn’t need cool Brooklyn Biggy Smalls Wall Paper to let him know he’s the real deal. But hey, Ethan’s a guy who investor money like it is his own.

  • The Title Picture was taken from Amify’s house warming party.