I think I might have hurt Ram Reddy’s feelings

My Apology To Ram Reddy, Former Chairman of the Board of Communiclique

Hi Ram, I just got the note from your Attorney (see PDF below). It sounds like I hurt your feelings and you think I’ve been telling untruths about you. I also was informed that it is your contention that you are a victim of the Communiclique fraud and if that is true I’m sorry that you were taken advantage of. I’m also sorry that you didn’t know that you were repeating falsehoods (Because I’m feeling contrite and not Cranky you might have noticed that I just didn’t call you a liar) when you told prospective investors of Clique’s most excellent customer wins and boasted that revenue was in the tens of millions and that the company was growing and worth a billion dollars which might have motivated your friends and associates to invest and now those people join you as victims. Darn, I bet you wish you checked your facts. I know your trusted confidants who invested based on your word sure as shit wish you did.

Well, buddy, your attorney seems to feel that I got the story wrong and if that’s true, I’m really sorry. Probably not as sorry as you are for possibly unknowingly using falsehoods to motivate your friends to invest in Communiclique but still I’m sorry. Please feel free to point out any factual errors in any of my posts with documented back up and I will gladly make the changes!

I understand you proclaim that you are not a crook and I see no reason why you would say that if it wasn’t true. I mean why would you lie about something like that? It’s not like you ever said anything that wasn’t true before. It’s highly possible that you were just negligent in your role as Chairman of the Board of Communiclique… a Ponzi Scheme for 10 years and had no clue that the company had no customers or revenue all the while you were telling people that revenue was growing from 50 – 60% per year. It’s highly possible that you believed that Uber, and AirBnB and FedEx were customers even though they weren’t. Maybe you got confused? Maybe you meant to say that Communiclique was a customer of Uber, AirBnB, and FedEx. You might see how that looks… right? In retrospect, you might have just been stupid and I’m told by informed sources that stupidity is not a crime.

So I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings and I invite you to participate in the conversation. You’re welcome to comment on these posts or I’d be happy to post an unedited response on this site. I hope that clears things up and we can still be friends!




Your Friend Glen

For the rest of you who are not a part of the above conversation, last week I received a registered demand letter from John P. Rowley III which is much more intimidating than getting a registered demand letter from John P. Rowley Jr… it’s a third more intimidating to be precise (see above graphic). Mr. Rowley III is Of Counsel to Schertler & Onorato. I’ve been very careful in my reporting on the Communiclique debacle to stick to facts but there is always the possibility that I got something wrong. I have also been pretty free expressing my opinions on the matter and I’m fairly certain I accurately documented my opinions so I don’t think I got my opinions wrong.

Some Background

According to the Rowley letter to me,

“These statements, and the others you have made in prior blog publications, are false and malicious and intended to harm Dr. Reddy’s personal and business reputations by imputing to him the commission of a crime. Contrary to your reckless accusations,· Dr. Reddy lost a substantial sum of money as a result of Powers’ deceit and he is one of the main victims of Powers’ fraud scheme. Your statements constitute defamation per se and will not be allowed to stand unanswered.”

I promptly responded,

Mr. Rowley

I am in receipt of your letter to me dated August 5, 2019 and I thank you for pointing out your concerns. I carefully reviewed the relevant blog entries and after making certain changes I am confident that what remains is not false or defamatory. Most are merely statements of opinion, which are not actionable as defamation. At any rate, reasonable readers understand that I, who pen a blog under the name “Mr. Cranky”, am “a satirist, a humorist, and a snarky commentator” who provides my perspective on issues of interest to technology investors.

Please review the changes and let me know if these posts more accurately reflect the facts as you know them. Rest assured I have no intention of misrepresenting the facts. If the changes do not meet with your satisfaction, I invite you to suggest specific edits and I will take them under consideration.

Finally, although I do not agree with certain of your contentions, I strongly believe that intelligent and discerning readers would like to hear from Dr. Reddy on the subjects you have raised so that they can reach their own conclusions based on all the facts. I would be very pleased to post your letter to my blog, with your permission and to allow you or Dr. Reddy to post your position.

I trust this will satisfy your concerns. Again, thank you for raising them.

Mr. Cranky

To My Readers…

If you would review my Ram Reddy articles and help me fact check them, I’d sure be grateful! Let me know where I erred and let me know if I left some juicy bits out! Here’s a Link to Ram Reddy articles.

August 28, 2019 Update: I’m sad to announce that two weeks later, I haven’t heard a peep from the guy who is not involved and may have never been involved with the management and supervision even though he use to call himself the Chairman of the Board but now asserts he’s just another victim “investor” of the Ponzi Scheme that is Communiclique. Ram Baby! Call me! Drop me a line. Let me know that you accepted my heartfelt apology. Or as the “Richest Indian in America,” you should burn more cash and have your attorney reach out to me! I miss you, buddy! Let’s hug it out and be friends.

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