I Love My Zubie

No folks a Zubie isn’t my, well you know, it isn’t a nickname for my special freind.. No a zubie is my new favorite Internet of Things thing. Thankfully, finally the Internet of Things hype, the Internet of Things this and Internet of Thangs that, at last I have found an internet of things that may be worthy of the hype.

Sure I find my chromecast kind of cool, but it doesn’t do anything I couldn’t do by hooking my ‘puter, or my phone, or my tablet to my TV with an HDMI cable.

Sure I kind of like my withings scale that not only tells me I’m too fat everyday but records the fact that I’m too fat on a chart in the cloud.

Zubie is a dongle (also not a childish name for a male body part) that plugs into the standard maintenance port in most cars. The same port that mechanics use to check the status of your car and that DMV uses to monitor a vehicles emissions. Then as Zubie explains on their web site it can help with:

  1. Family Safety:  AlwaysSmart™ location tracking and alerts when family members arrive at home, work or school.
  2. Problem alerts:  Be alerted to car problems before they leave you stranded, such as a Check Engine light or a dying battery.
  3. Safe Driving:  Track and improve your driving, and connect and compete with friends. Monitor and coach teen drivers.
  4. Trip Coordination:  Connect with friends to share locations and simplify coordination on short trips or car-pools

In my family, I have four cars driven by four family members, as I sit here, writing this right now, I know where those cars are, how they are being driven and are they in good working order.

Yes this Zubie thing is magic. In terms of DCTech, while Zubie is HQd officially in two locations, outside Charlston SC and in the Twin Cities area, it has some DC flavor. One of the founding members of the team is DCs own Navin Ganeshan, The mobile app was built by Herndon-based 10Pearls and if you’re worried about your information getting in the wrong hands, the app was audited for security by  Gemini Security Solutions, another Northern Virginia tech company (Hey Peter, CEO of Gemini, do you think you can make sure that my withings weight data isn’t getting in to the wrong hands too?).

Thank you Zubie for making me more tolerant of the Internet of Things term. Now if someone could help have rationalization for not wincing every time I hear Growth Hacker.

Photo Courtesy of Zubie