How Did Smart People Get Suckered By An Obvious Moron Like Andy Powers of Communiclique

Today’s Washington Business Journal (WBJ) features a much better article by Andy Medici than the one I wrote yesterday (see mine here).  In Medici’s article he reports he received several emails from the common criminal, Andy Powers. Powers was arrested by the FBI yesterday. Later that afternoon Powers reportedly entered into an email exchange with Medici. In the conversation, Powers confirmed his arrest and said he was released on his own recognizance on an unsecured bond.  This email exchange between Powers and Medici, reveals Powers to be a full whiny little bitch, gone Tinkerbell Mode.

You know Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell…. if you don’t believe in Tinkerbell she won’t exist. Well, Bankrupt Communiclique (AKA Clique API) doesn’t exist but Andy wants you to believe it does. Powers lately has been pressing the full Tinkerbell. I have to warn you…

Tinkerbell Alert! Tinkerbell Alert!

Andy Hates This Picture So Please Don’t Copy It And Tweet It!


Warning! The following quotes are from a lying, criminal who like a prominent politician frequently complains that he didn’t say the things he says, complains about the ethics and methods of the FBI and quotes, “lots of people,” all unnamed or sourced that agree with him. According to this blatant felon the FBI just wanted to embarrass him… because that’s what they do… right? That’s how the FBI rolls.

What follows are direct quotes from Clique CEO Andy Powers email exchange with the WBJ’s Andy Medici:

“Its unfortunate the FBI and Agent Vera chose to go against the recommendation of the US States Attorney and arrest me and try and embarrass me and my family. A: It didn’t work and and B: we’re considering a complaint b/c of the way she and the officers treated my wife and my family in an unlawful, rude and harsh manor. We’ve been nothing but cooperative and will be found to be innocent in the upcoming trial.” – Andy Powers, Clique API

Tinkerbell Powers says, that they tried to embarrass him and it didn’t work. Look if anyone was as big a douchenozzle, cockwaffle as Powers has shown himself to be, and they didn’t feel they had disgraced themselves and thier family, with all the heinous and bonehead acts they’ve perpetrated… that person is incapable of being embarrassed. That person has no shame. That person is a sociopath. That person is Andy Powers.

Really, the US States Attorney was against the arrest and the FBI did it anyway? Reveal your source of that statement Tinkerbell. I guess this moron doesn’t know how the FBI works. They work under the direction of the States Attorney. Lastly, considering a complaint? What lawyer would represent this asshole?

“Which says a lot about the way this was executed by the team. Everyone at the courthouse seemed very surprised by the fact that is the way they chose to operate. But again we will continue to cooperate to the fullest will be found innocent. Trial date will be set next week at the pre trial,” – Andy Powers, Clique API

Everyone at the courthouse was surprised? Everyone? Who? Andy continues to lie and falsify evidence. Andy Powers is such a whiny bitch buffoon. Hey, Andy, there is no doubt you committed the crimes… you did the crimes, shut the whiny F*dk up and do the time, douchebag.

Relax, We Have Now Ended Our Andy Powers Arrested By FBI Tinkerbell Alert

Back to our regularly scheduled rant about Andy Powers the Moron

It is incredible how someone as stupid as Powers, could separate so many smart people from their money. Andy Powers is a certified, paper carrying, imbecile. He’s demonstrably a moron and I present just a few demonstrations of  Tink’s idiocy:

  • This idiot committed Bankruptcy Fraud by submitting obviously forged documents to a Bankruptcy Judge in Deleware. The judge found that Powers had doctored AWS Invoices by adding three digits in front of the charges to make it looks like to  Communiclique was creating millions of dollars of activity in business. The invoices were obviously doctored and the Judge had the originals.
  • This man-baby, cry baby, impressed the judge with his blatant hubris, the judge referred him for criminal charges to the US Attorney.
  • This dope stopped paying his executive assistant and owes her $35 thousand in back pay. Where do you think the judge got the original invoices (see post)? How dumb do you have to be to screw someone who is holding a gun to your head?
  • This failure changed the date of one of the invoices. AWS Invoices are sequenced so a higher Invoice Number represents a later invoice date. Tinkerbell Powers submitted an invoice where the dates and the sequences didn’t jive (see post).
  • This imbecile wrote a blog post admitting that he defrauded investors and is now trying to convince people he didn’t defraud investors (see post). The FBI actually cited his admission of guilt in that blog post in the warrant (see warrant/complaint).
  • This feeble-minded thieve’s attorney that represented him in the bankruptcy case petitioned the judge to be removed as the attorney because he had a conflict with his client, Tinkerbell Powers. Powers placed the Attorney in danger of being sanctioned when he had the attorney submit forged documents to the judge. The attorney wants no more to do with him.
  • This clueless idiot is operating without an attorney as he digs his hole deeper and deeper by making public statements to the press, like those above. Any competent attorney would have convinced Tink to be quiet. But now Powers is his own attorney and any man is his own attorney has a fool for a client.
  • No wonder he flunked out of college.

Make no mistake, this man will do a minimum of four years in a federal prison.