Hey Washingtonian? Is This An Apology?

Hey Washingtonian, do you call this an apology? ‘When you wrote the article, Is the Blogger “Mr. Cranky” Out to Save DC’s Tech Industry—Or Destroy It?‘, you did your best to defend Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice, the crooks who run Trustify. Sure you printed my response, “Mr. Cranky Responds,” Yet, as time goes by, the facts of the case, show that you totally blew it (see post).

Now almost a year later, we see that Jen Mellon and Danny Boice are being sued for embezzlement and fraud in a bankruptcy suit brought by Trustify investor, Anchorage Capital. Add on four large legal judgments and one additional lawsuit still pending for a total of $1.5 million and I’d say that that’s proof that Trustify is a Dumpster Fire.

So when you published this listing in your September magazine.

Was that the best you could do for an apology? When you admit that, as you say, “Danny Boice, former CEO of the embattled tech startup Trustify,” are you saying, “We’re sorry Mr. Cranky, you were right? By the way, you should check out all the real estate juggling performed by these two crooks (see about the Boice/Mellon real estate shenanigans here).