Hear Trustify’s Jen Mellon Lie on June 20th

Yes I know I’m talking about Jen Mellon, the horrible human masquerading as a do-gooder and founder of a great startup and wife of Danny Boice. For my regular readers, this is old hat and you don’t have to read it. I know, I’m a bulldog with a bone that won’t let go.

This post is targeted for those who are not regular readers and who may be taken in by the classy facade of the rotting Potemkin Villiage that is Trustify and it’s leaders. There is a group of people, sponsoring a talk by Mellon and these people who are putting their reputations on the line. I can only assume they haven’t looked behind the curtain. These sponsors are aiding and abetting criminal activity by seeming to endorse two criminals.

Want to hear a bunch of lies? Want to meet a pathological lying sociopath in person? Then come and hear Trustify’s Jen Mellon lie about all kinds of things including how she retroactively founded a company (neat trick Jen Mellon).

Multiple people forwarded to me the invitation pictured below. Not because they thought the meeting was worthwhile. Even  I, politically incorrect Mr. Cranky won’t repeat the Samantha-Bee-Type-verbiage used in the emails making fun of this event featuring Jen Mellon. According to the invitation, seemingly reputable people are willing to put their reputations on the line by sponsoring and by fiat endorsing a complete fraud.

If you know these sponsors, you might want to educate them on why they should include a content disclaimer at this June 20th event at the Park Hyatt’s Blue Duck Tavern in Washington DC.

The Sponsors Are:

What’s wrong with this picture? Do these sponsors not have google? Do they know about all the trouble Trustify is having? Do they know that Trustify is banned from doing business in their own home state, Virginia? Do they know that Jen Mellon is the first human to ever “Found” a company 6 months after it was founded?

Do they know that Jennifer Mellon and her current husband, Danny Boice (noted criminal), the former husband of her good friend are economically terrorizing Danny’s ex-wife (see gofundme campaign for more details and please, please donate. Even $5 helps and share the campaign on social media).

These sponsors are introducing others to a con game that is under investigation for embezzlement, wire fraud, and tax fraud. Why would I say this and risk a lawsuit? Because you can sue anyone you want but if that person has documented evidence, he’s likely to win. So please Jen and Danny, try to threaten me in the courts again! Jen Mellon and Danny Boice threatened to sue me for exposing them as frauds over a year ago and walked away with their forked tails between their legs (see this post).

The invitation includes multiple lies:

Have fun listening to a proven liar and cheat!

By the way, for any Trustify Investors… Trustify current and past employees will tell you that Jen Mellon and Danny Boice are never in the office. Well here’s Danny hanging on the porch of the home, that Trustify investors bought for Jen and Danny. Even though the company is wildly unprofitable, Jan and Danny were able to afford a $2 Million house with servants who are Trustify Employees. I’ve run startups and I know you can’t lead a startup team if you’re never there.  

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