Harvard Business Review – HBR Business Coach Study

Just completed, an HBR Business Coach Study which is the result of a survey of 140 leading coaches. The data was then reviewed by respondents and “five experts.”

The Headlines of the HBR Business Coach Study

  1. The Bar Must Be Raised – Coaches shouldn’t be able to just hang up a shingle and call themselves a coach. Experience and Training Count
  2. Fixing Toxic Corporate Culture Major Driving Force – Over the last decade coaches were engaged to fix the toxic behavior of corporate leaders
  3. Development of Top Performers – Companies are realizing that offering coaches to top performers is a wise investment
  4. Blurred Lines – Coaches and clients should be aware of the difference between a business coach and a therapist
  5. Gaining Legitimacy – Coaching is more and more being acknowledged as providing value
  6. Buyer Beware – Check out references, experience, training before hiring a coach

HBR Business Coach by the numbers


HBR Business Coach Buying Guidelines

Other HBR Business Coach Study Findings

Ingredients of a successful coaching relationship

  1. Is the executive highly motivated to change – the best coaching recipients are gree and growing, lifelong learners
  2. Good chemistry between coach and client is essential
  3. The C-suite needs must be committed to retain and develop coached executives
  4. Shifting focus – expect the original purpose of engaging a coach to shift

Food for Thought

My experience of over a decade of business coaching and training find the HBR Business Coach Study to be an accurate representation. Coaches make a difference. The chemistry between coach and coachee and the coachees willingness to change are two major factors in the success of a business coaching relationship. When selecting a coach it’s important to consider if the coach has a relevant business experience… if for example, you are a CEO, was your coach ever a CEO? Does your coach have a clear methodology? Does your potential coach have high-quality clients?

Want to find out what coaching is all about? Want to see if I could be the right coach for you or are you just curious about what does it feel like to be coached? Let’s see if you and I have the chemistry for a profitable coaching relationship. Find out if you want to change or if you only tell your self you are willing to change. Make a change to improve your performance. Try a complimentary, no-obligation, online one-on-one coaching session by scheduling a Skype coaching session. Press that little red button down there.