Great Presentations

Great PresentationsDecember 18, 2010

Corporate presentations don’t have to be boring lists of bulleted blah blah blahs.

Take a look at this 2nd runner-up winner from Slideshare’s 2010, World’s Best Presentation Contest.  This presentation, by Presentation Advisors, stands-out from the usual because:

    • It does not use a standard repetitive template
    • It is free form
    • Clean slides conveying one clear idea
    • Visually stimulating
    • Simple

From the very first slide, the audience gets the feeling that this is not your standard Blah, Blah, Blah, Chicken Chicken Chicken, PowerPoint.  This is a Lean Forward presentation, that is the audience gets involved in the first slide and leans towards the presenter instead of sitting back on their hands.

Great slide execution and content in the form of the business use of Social Networking makes this presentation worth a look.  Great work, Presentation Advisors. Lastly, and don’t be intimidated by the 82 slide length, this is more engaging and takes less time to go through than the standard 20 slide presentation.

Social Media for Business

…and just for laughs as well as to contrast this presentation with your regular standard PowerPoint, check out Chicken, chicken, chicken, featured below.