Great Leadership the Nail

Great Leaders Listen

Leaders Listen

Leaders inspire by talking, opining, bloviating with out understanding.

Great leaders listen, they allow descent, discussion, opposing positions. They hear… they use their ears as well as their mouths.

Great leaders listen, they are empathetic, supportive.

Great leaders play ready, aim, fire and not fire, aim ready.

Great leaders know they don’t have all the answers, and even if they do they understand that people will have a better chance of success working on solutions that they helped develop.

So don’t just say it’s about the nail…. listen.

Okay, here’s your reward for allowing me to bloviate. Watch this hillarias video on listening and empathy and thank me later (link here if you don’t see the video).


If you run a business you probably have lots of people telling you, that you have a nail in your head and no one who will listen to you vent. Schedule a complimentary listening session and I promise I won’t make it about the nail. In fact, we’ll work on an issue but ultimately you will be asked to identify why your head hurts and your sweaters are snagged.