Grammar Nazis Standup Routine

Grammar Nazis In Mr Cranky-land

Grammar Nazis – The bane of my existence…. or are they the baine of my existence.

As everyone loves to constantly remind me, I can’t spell, I can’t punctuate and I suck at grammar. So instead of displaying my talent to inflame the Grammar Nazis by debasing the English language and re-litigating the case, I’ll let comedian Matt Broussard do that for me here.

Broussard’s assertion is that fretting grammar leads to health problems… why do you think they call it colon cancer?

WARNING…. Salty Language Ensues so if you’re easily offended or at work and not wearing headphones… tread carefully.

Matt Broussard on Grammar Nazis

If you can’t see the video… which is really just a YouTube audio link here.